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MTV’s Andy Milonakis busts raps in Columbus

Cody Cousino / Photo editor

Some may remember him for putting bologna in his left pocket, or maybe smearing cream cheese in his gold locket. But Andy Milonakis has kept busy since his days on the MTV2 program that made him famous, “The Andy Milonakis Show.”

On Tuesday night, Milonakis joined students at Skully’s Music Diner for his first stop in his multi-city tour through the Midwest.

Milonakis was also accompanied by Riff Raff SODMG, most famously known from the MTV reality show “From G’s to Gents,” who was recently signed to rap star Soulja Boy’s record label SODMG.

The event was centered on Skip Syllabus Day and Milonakis and Riff Raff both encouraged the crowd not to attend the first day of classes.

After the opening band performances, Milonakis and Riff Raff took the stage to deliver their high-energy show, which included fast-paced beats accompanied with clever rhymes that kept the crowd laughing throughout the night.

Milonakis told The Lantern about the inspiration behind his rhymes.

“I’ve listened to hip-hop my whole life,” he said. “I started doing this as a job and now I love it.”

Milonakis and Riff Raff kept the concert casual by pausing mid-show to take some Twitpics for the fans that couldn’t be there.

To end the concert, Milonakis and Riff Raff started a freestyle battle where their raps ranged from Jacuzzis to sushi, and from Milonakis’ couch to Oscar the Grouch.

When asked about what it’s like to travel around rapping about whatever he wants, Milonakis made a surprising confession.

“I actually get nervous before shows because I want to give fans a good show,” Milonakis said. “But I love going to do what I love and paying the bills because of it. It’s awesome.”

Opening acts included Cleveland-based rapper Lil Marv, Akron’s Ba Dom, and Athens funk band First Street Heat.

J.J.Tusick, guitar player for First Street Heat and a fourth-year at Ohio State, said he was looking forward to the chance to open for Milonakis and Riff Raff.

“They’re a different kind of genre that will bring people out,” Tusick said. “It definitely helps us and more people will hopefully come out and see us since Andy and Riff Raff are here.”

Tyler Jack, a third-year in business at OSU, was in the crowd.

“We came to support our buddies in Ba Dom,” Jack said. “It’s their biggest show yet so I hope Riff Raff and Andy will bring them some exposure.”

They seemed to do just that with the jam-packed dance floor and crowd interaction. At the end of the night, Milonakis told The Lantern what he thought about the night.

“I loved the crowd and they really made me feel comfortable at Ohio State,” he said. “It’s awesome to have the fans around and you could just feel the energy all around you. I feel like this show in Columbus was my best show yet.”

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