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Musicians to make Gallery Hop hoppin’

Courtesy of Short North Business Association

The Short North Arts District and the Ohio State campus area will celebrate different art forms, open many exhibits, showcase Fashion Week Columbus and introduce new Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams flavors at October’s Gallery Hop.

Gallery Hop is organized by the Short North Business Association, for the first Saturday of every month, along North High Street, 5th Avenue and Summit Street.

“There is something for everyone, from students to families and young people during the Gallery Hop,” said Courtney Winnen, SNBA membership director.

New this month, hoppers will find vocal art to complement the various paintings and sculptures which Gallery Hop normally showcases. Some of the street performers include the children’s orchestra group, Suzuki Music Columbus, and artist KaTanya Ingram.

In addition to the celebration of different art forms, fashion will be presented at the Gallery Hop and the Fashion Week Columbus Foundation’s second annual “Peep Show.” The fashion show will have live models displaying Peep Show T-shirts styled by local designers.

As many may go for the food, entertainment and art exhibits, others may go to taste the new Jeni’s ice cream flavors.

“Gallery Hop is always a really busy day and night,” said Aaron Beck, Jeni’s communications director.

Jeni’s will prepare for Gallery Hop’s large crowd with extended store hours and new flavors such as parmesan and zucchini bread, beet cake with black walnuts and goat cheese with red cherries.

“We usually have a line down the street and it’s like a big party all the time,” Beck said. “We don’t close until the last person is served.”

Although Gallery Hop doesn’t officially start until 4 p.m., Studios on High Gallery will display and sell watercolor, print and calligraphy designs from inspiring artists throughout the day.

Helen Neumann, a watercolor and printmaker at Studios on High Gallery, has been a part of Gallery Hop for the past seven years and said she thinks there is always something new going on to attract a variety of people.

“It just fun to see everybody and meet new people,” Neumann said.

Faith Goins, a third-year in anthropology, has never gone to the hop, but is interested.

“I’ve never been to Gallery Hop but I heard it is a lot fun,” she said. “I would like to go if I ever find the time. I like to look at art, find the meaning of it and realize it’s beauty.”

A complete list of stores and boutique hours can be found on shortnorth.org.

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