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Dayglow plasters paint on patrons in Columbus

Joe Podelco / Lantern photographer

Strobe lights flashing, loud music, dancing for hours without a care in the world: What could be added to make a Friday night more fun? Paint, and a lot of it.

The Dayglow tour made its annual stop at Veterans Memorial Auditorium Friday night and featured a unique blend of theater, art, choreography and plenty of paint.

Dayglow, known as “The World’s Largest Paint Party,” was started by Sebastian Solano in 2006 on college campuses in Florida. It has quickly taken the nation by storm by marketing itself as a one-of-a-kind experience.     

More than 6,500 people packed the auditorium to join in and be a part of the madness. Tickets were available online, and depending on when you purchased your ticket, prices ranged from $35 to $50, which is a pretty reasonable price tag for a show as wild as this.

The atmosphere was electric as soon as I walked in the doors. A pitch-black room illuminated by nothing but the fantastic light show on stage was the backdrop for the night. The venue was a giant industrial room, with the stage set toward the back.

If you wanted to get in the action with the rest of the crowd you certainly could for an event like this — it was encouraged — but if you needed to catch your breath, you could make your way to the outskirts of the crowd. There was plenty of room around all sides of the stage, so no matter where you were, you always had a great view of the show.

The roaring crowd danced to the show throughout the night, acting as the canvas for glow-in-the-dark paint being thrown from the stage, falling from the ceiling and shot from squirt guns. On the giant projection screens, a countdown ticked to the moment for which everyone awaited, and that is to be covered in a giant blast of confetti and paint, known as the “paint drop.” It is quite a sight seeing thousands of people splattered head to toe in paint and confetti, and validated the show’s status as a unique experience.

On stage, choreographed performers moved in perfect unison with the music. Starkillers was the featured DJ and played a variety of dubstep, techno and electronica. Nadia Ali, a popular electronica artist, also performed live and added an authentic feel to the event.

Michele Sposit, a third-year in marketing, was curious about the event and decided to give it a try.

“It was my first time at Dayglow, and I decided to go because two of my roommates went last year and said it was a blast,” Sposit said.

Sposit said she enjoyed being doused in different colors of paint.

“It was pretty fun. I had a great time dancing and being completely covered in paint. My favorite part was seeing how cool and colorful I could get my white outfit to look.”

Chris Feador, a third-year in communication, who has been to multiple Dayglow shows, was a patron again Friday.

“This was my third time going,” he said. “I’m here every year and have a great time each time I go. It was a blast. I can’t even put into words what the atmosphere is like once you step into the building. It’s just an amazingly crazy time, especially the paint drop.”

Dayglow was unlike any show I’ve ever been to. Between the paint, music and dancing, it all blends together seamlessly for one hell of a good time. It is truly a unique, spectacular and innovative show that one must experience for themselves.

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