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Drunken munchies can be harmful to health

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On many college campuses, drunk eating is more than just an extra meal, it’s a pastime.

Jeremy Margolis, a second-year in business administration, is no stranger to this event.

“Eating is a huge part of my life and when I drink, it becomes even more important to me,” he said.

Margolis said he feels hungrier after he starts drinking.

Dr. Glen Aukerman, an Ohio State professor in the college of medicine and medical director for OSU Center for Integrative Medicine, said in an email that drinking alcohol can cause people to eat more.

“(Alcohol) stimulates insulin which increases hunger overconsumption,” Aukerman said in the email.

Insulin is a hormone that, when secreted, increases hunger levels and causes people to consume.

Margolis gave some additional reasons students may eat after a night out.

“(College students) have no self-control and they just buy things on a whim, I know that’s what I do. I honestly spend so much money on food,” Margolis said. “I don’t mind paying the money if I’m getting what I want.”

The combination of drinking alcohol and eating afterward can lead to weight gain, Aukerman said in the email.

“(Alcohol) causes dehydration with resultant salt and fluid retention and swelling,” Aukerman said in the email.

Aukerman recommended that students load up on fluids before consuming alcohol, if drinking is a must, in order to decrease the effects of the alcohol and weight gain.

Margolis said he is not concerned with gaining weight.

Late-night restaurants on OSU’s off-campus reap the benefits of college students who share the same mentality of Margolis and the drunk-eating frenzy. Formaggio, a local pizza place, is one such business.

“We’re located on one of the biggest campuses in the nation so there’s always a party atmosphere around, that’s when we get the most business,” said Samer Michael, owner of Formaggio.

Michael said Formaggio is busiest on weekends and has the most customers when there are parties near its East 13th Avenue location. He also said the restaurant gets a rush when students return home from bars.

“In addition to the drunk people at the bars, we get a lot of loyal customers. It doesn’t matter if they go to downtown bars or to South Gateway,” he said.

Margolis is less picky about his late night dining destination.

“(I like) anything that’s open,” he said. “When it gets past a certain point in the night, I really don’t care.”


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