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Trio of guitar greats get gig in Columbus

Courtesy of Larry Perez

Acoustic guitarists Andy McKee, Stephen Bennett and Antoine Dufour will make their way to Columbus for the first time as a collaborative group with their Guitar Masters Tour.

The Columbus Association for the Performing Arts has invited the guitar trio to the Lincoln Theatre Saturday at 8 p.m. Each will showcase solos, where they will be playing with musical elements and percussive styles on the harp, steel string and fingerstyle acoustic guitars.

Each guitarist has their own track record in the music industry and has traveled across the world introducing acoustic rhythms and influences.

McKee, a solo acoustic guitarist, specializes in the steel string guitar, and with his tunings, tapping and two-handed technique, he can attempt to make it sound like he is playing in a full orchestra.

His latest CD/DVD package “Joyland” will also debut in the concert and will be featuring a collaboration of songs from Bennett and Dufour.

“It is a new take on those songs,” McKee said. “We do one song from each artist as a collaborative piece, so it’s a new interpretation and makes it more interesting for people that haven’t heard my songs before.”

McKee has played in Columbus in the past and hopes to have success in his visit with Bennett and Dufour.

“It is always nice to come back to Columbus and do a show,” McKee said.

Bennett, a composer, musician and harp guitarist, bases his musical influences and style from his great-grandfather’s music, who also played the harp guitar.

He introduces old tunes from the 1900s and modern harp melodies.

He has released recordings, live performances and has published several instructional books like “Harp Guitar Basics” and “Fingerstyle Finesse.”

Dufour, a fingerstyle acoustic guitarist, has released six albums in his career and has toured in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. His music influences include jazz and folk styles, which are found on his albums “Convergences” and “Still Strings.”

Bennett and Dufour were not available for comment.

Grant Crider, a second-year finance, said he is not familiar with the artists or if he will go to the show, he is interested in their music genre.

“I appreciate their music and talent and I am sure they are good,” Crider said.

The Lincoln Theatre is location on 769 E. Long St. Ticket and event information can be found on capa.com and at the Ohio Theatre ticket office.

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