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Commentary: Glitter, wings, Nicki Minaj make Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show best night in TV

Courtesy of MCT

I love football more than I love some of my friends, so the Super Bowl is easily one of the best televised events of the year for me, but even that doesn’t come close to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

The single greatest night of television was Tuesday and I’ve been looking forward to it since the final walk of last year’s fashion show.

Each year’s show brings with it the perfect mix of pop-culture, fantasy and sex-appeal, making it the perfect event for everyone.

Last year, Katy Perry’s participation both as vocals and a model made a pretty good impression, but even Perry can’t compare to the baddest bitch around, Nicki Minaj. Minaj is the perfect fit for this with her multiple personalities and flare for wild, yet imaginable outfits. Minaj, combined with Jay-Z and Kanye West, gives the event the best musical act it’s ever seen.

With imaginations powerful enough to send Adriana Lima on stage flaunting what appeared to be a football field in 2010, even the most creative people struggle to anticipate what the models will show us next. Last year’s fairy tale line left women everywhere, including myself, pining to play dress-up once again like children, escaping into this new, sexy spin on classic tales. And then there are the wings, oh the wings. The 2010 edition did well playing up the drama of each angel waiting for her first chance to wear the wings of legend. The wings, perfect hair and exaggerated use of glitter glues me to the TV each year, living vicariously through these women, who for just a short hour get to live like real-world fairy princesses.

By stamping the words “Victoria’s Secret” in the title and providing scantily clad appearances by the likes of Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Chanel Iman, the show is suddenly appealing to men across the globe as well.

So, if you missed the greatest night of television this year, I highly recommend tracking it down and living in a dream world for a brief break before cramming for those finals. And if you did catch the magic, well, the Super Bowl is a close second place and only a few months away.

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