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Commentary: Jay-Z, Beyoncé’s baby, Blue Ivy, center of dim Illuminati rumors

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Ever since Beyoncé Knowles revealed her baby bump at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 28, people have been clamoring for her to give birth to her first child with Shawn Carter, otherwise known as rapper Jay-Z. Well, Beyoncé gave birth last night, and the Internet is blowing up in idiocy.

The baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, was born Saturday in New York City. While the name itself is another in a long line of ridiculous baby names celebrities are scarring their children’s lives with, that’s not even the biggest issue here. That would be the reaction to her name on Twitter.

People have long been asserting that Jay-Z is a member of the Illuminati, a secret society originally founded by members of the Roman Catholic Church who supported ideas based in science that has no realistic purpose anymore. Still, all evidence “supporting” the claim that Jay-Z is in the Illuminati is completely anecdotal and a total reach, from searching for “hidden” patterns in the cover art on his “Watch the Throne” album to his trademark, triangle-shaped Roc Nation hand gesture.

In a “Delta Sky Magazine” interview in May, Jay-Z addressed the Illuminati rumors.

“It may sound a little arrogant, but I just think people can’t handle when somebody else is successful,” he said. “Something has gotta be wrong; you gotta be down with some higher power. And I guess when someone else is successful, it makes you feel like maybe you’re a failure. So it can’t be you, it has to be some other force.”

That aside, people took to Twitter late Saturday connecting a perceived tie with Jay-Z to the Illuminati to the birth of his daughter.

One popular myth spreading was that when you spell Ivy Blue backwards (which is the first problem, since her name is Blue Ivy), you get the Latin name of Lucifer’s daughter, Eulb Yvi.

During my four years of Latin in high school, I learned that can’t possibly be the correct translation. The English “Lucifer” comes from a combination of two Latin base words, “lucem ferre,” which roughly translates to “bringer of light.” “Daughter,” in Latin, is “filia.”

Thus, as you can tell, “Eulb Yvi” is by no means any derivation of a Latin phrase. In fact, “eulb” isn’t even a Latin word, and “yvi” means to “go,” only if you account that the “y” had, at some point in history, replaced the first “i” in the word.

So, there’s one rumor debunked.

People are also tweeting that Blue is an acronym for “Born Living Under Evil.” There have been several versions of what Ivy stands for, ranging from “Illuminati’s Very Youngest” and “Illuminati’s Victorious Youth.”

While I can’t speak for Jay-Z and Beyoncé on why they named their daughter that, I can’t imagine how any logical person could assume that the couple went through the trouble of coming up with a hidden meaning behind their child’s name, especially when the rumors of the parents being in the Illuminati are a reach to begin with.

I think a more logical explanation for naming their child Blue Ivy is that they are following the status quo of celebrities wanting to see their children get beaten up on the playground in elementary school because of their horrible, loser name.

This unfounded Illuminati nonsense, based on nothing but inconsequential evidence, has gone on far too long. Any article or video about Jay-Z on the Internet is cluttered with Illuminati comments, which is likely the result of people blindly following urban legends without doing any research on the subject whatsoever.

Now, Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s daughter is on her way to having her 99 problems to deal with, one of which is dealing with unfounded Illuminati rumors for most of her life.

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