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Commentary: Adele stylish, Nicki Minaj styleless at Grammys

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The 54th annual Grammy Awards took place Sunday, and as always, there were the stylish and the styleless.

The Grammys celebrate achievement in the music industry, but like any red carpet event, it is also a night for fashion.

Adele tops the stylish chart with her black, floor-length Giorgio Armani gown, which had a boat-neck and three-quarter-length sleeves. The dress had a bit of sparkle to it, which accentuated the Harry Winston jewels. Adele’s look had that classy, glamorous, old-Hollywood feel to it and suited her well when accepting her six Grammy awards.

Runner-up on the stylish chart was Rihanna, who went for a sexier look than Adele with her black, plunge-neck Armani gown. The gown plunged to above her navel with a similar style slit coming up from the bottom. Her look was sexy yet sophisticated.

And finally, we can’t mention style without the name Lady Gaga. Although she opted out of walking the red carpet, her look did not go unnoticed. Gaga wore a more understated look than usual with a black fishnet Versace dress and a matching fishnet veil. What appeared to be a black, vinyl corset and black spandex shorts could be seen underneath. Her accessory of choice was a gold knob cane. Here’s to playing it cool, Gaga.

As for the styleless, the award goes to Nicki Minaj. As her performance was lackluster, her outfit of choice made much more of an impact. Minaj wore a red, Versace cape complete with an oversized hood, much like that of “Little Red Riding Hood.” On the front of the cape was an oversized, black, beaded “Medusa” logo. Minaj’s accessory of choice was a man, who was dressed up as a pope — definitely not appropriate. For future reference, Minaj, you are not Lady Gaga or Madonna, so if you are going to be obnoxious, be original.

The next styleless award goes to Robyn. Where do I begin with this one? Robyn wore a white T-shirt paired with a white, high-wasted, asymmetrical skirt, and to top the outfit off, she wore what looked like platform Timberland boots. She looked like a more fashionably frightening version of Frankenstein’s bride.

Finally, to round out the styleless awards, we have to mention Katy Perry. As we often see Perry in her “Candy Land” looking outfits, she didn’t disappoint at this year’s Grammys. She wore a light blue Elie Saab three-quarter-length sleeve dress, which looked like a doily from your grandma’s table. And to top things off, she dyed her hair the same color blue. You missed classy by an inch, Perry. If only you had chosen that dress and your hair in a different color.

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