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Friday Fashion: Dressing up, Dublin style

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Walking around Dublin, Ireland, these past few weeks, I’ve noticed some extremely well-dressed gents. Their styles range from hipster to high fashion, with jeans and a basic T-shirt thrown in for good measure. There’s no need to break out the skinny jeans yet, but a well-fitting pair of pants will definitely go a long way.

Dark wash jeans are clearly a necessity here in Europe. Men tend to like pairs with a sturdy seam — thick thread holds the material together — and buttoned back pockets. Belts with jeans are somewhat uncommon since the waists of their pants seem to fit just right.

If you’re really feeling adventurous, you can try the colored pants trend that has taken off in the last few months. Choose muted colors like maroon, evergreen or slate. These should be a slightly more tapered fit to your leg. Colored pants in slim or straight fit tend to look best. If you fall into the “tall, skinny male” category, the style is definitely worth a shot.

When it comes to what’s on top, anything goes. Styles range from basic long-sleeved Henleys to cardigans and plaid button-ups.

Bulky fisherman sweaters is a definite trend here as a response to the cold temperatures. Want to avoid wearing a bulky coat while going out in Columbus? These chunky sweaters are the way to go. Look for half-zips or cardigan styles with bold buttons and toggles.

Another good rule of thumb is shoes, not sneakers. Loafers, boat shoes and oxfords are trending here. Avoiding the ever-comfortable running shoe and choosing something a bit more formal will add an element of maturity to your look. If you can’t part with your comfy kicks, make a statement. Choose pairs with bold colors or interesting accents.

Believe it or not, there are ways to freshen up your typical work-week look. Because Europeans have notably smaller closets than Americans, these men know how to get the most out of their suits. Instead of wearing your full suit to work, opt for a V-neck or half-zip sweater in place of the jacket. Paired with a creative tie or even a bowtie, you’ll set yourself apart from the crowd without looking unprofessional.

Finally, it’s clear that all male college students about to become young professionals need a peacoat and scarf. This peacoat should be on the shorter side — the hem should end mid-thigh and be a basic black or navy blue. A scarf is a great way to show off your creative side without being too bold. Opt for ones in plaids, stripes or solid colors.

There is nothing wrong with the classic American T-shirt and jeans, but if you want to freshen up your look or be a bit more polished, Dublin style is a great place to start.

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