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Passionate ‘Nights’ proves to be fun.’s forte

After the release of the single “We Are Young,” featuring Janelle Monáe a few months ago, I wasn’t sure that fun.’s album, “Some Nights” would be able to measure up. My doubts have been cast far to the wayside.

The album overall is much mellower than expected, but fun.’s passion is present in each track.

“Some Nights Intro” begins with the voice of lead singer Nate Ruess accompanied by a piano reminiscent of Freddie Mercury or Paul Simon. This track foreshadows what’s to come: an album that takes the listener through mellow nadirs culminating with intense harmonies, all in less than 50 minutes.

“Some Nights” returns to fun.’s recognizably radiant harmonies, throws in a funky beat and a tad of auto-tune. Ruess sings, “What do I stand for?” and answers, “Most nights I don’t know.” I’d have to say the band itself does know. Fun. knows what works best for fun.

Following the title track, “We Are Young” fits snugly as the third track of the album.

This album gave fun. the chance to explore different influences, which is apparent in “All Alone” and “It Gets Better,” which combines hip-hop beats with more pop-punk sound. Both will be great summer jams.

“One Foot” maintains the album’s chill, yet upbeat vibe with a playful, ska-esque trumpet keeping rhythm. “Stars” displays fun.’s versatility, and is soothing and catchy. That’s hard to say about a song using auto-tune. Fun. knows how to use it without relying on it.

“Some Nights” is a nice window into the world of fun. Though the subject matter of the songs themselves might be a bit heavy, fun. keeps it light while still keeping the listener invested.

The album’s bonus track, “Out On The Town,” is a perfect example of fun.’s spirit and a must-listen. This track should not have been a bonus, it is one of my top three tracks on the album. It is a necessary element to the album and does its job leaving the listener wanting to start back at the beginning.

Grade: A

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