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Bowling for Soup to fish for woos in Columbus

Courtesy of Jason Janik

After about 18 years together, the pop-punk band from Wichita Falls, Texas, Bowling For Soup, is still standing and is bringing its energy to Columbus.

With a gold-certified record, Grammy nomination and numerous world tours later, lead singer Jaret Reddick said the band has done way more than it ever set out to do.

“It’s definitely one of those things, from every situation to the next you can’t believe where you are,” he said. “We’re just very, very blessed. Everything is pretty much crazy at this point.”

Fresh from their acoustic UK tour, Bowling For Soup is scheduled to perform at 7 p.m. Sunday at A&R Music Bar in support of their 11th album, “Fishin’ For Woos.”

The album comes from what a frontman does to his audience, Reddick said.

“If I’m standing up in front of an audience and I’m like, ‘Are you guys ready to rock?’ and the audience goes, ‘Woo!’ that’s me for fishin’ for woos,” he said, “and I just reeled some in.”

Reddick said the relationship-inspired love song, “Smiley Face (It’s All Good),” is probably his favorite song on the album.

“That song just makes you feel good when you hear it,” he said. “It’s a song about how nothing is ever perfect, but you kind of got to look on the bright side of things sometimes, and when you’re able to do that, you deserve a little smiley face, a little gold star.”

Although the band is primarily considered a pop-rock band, Reddick said it draws its influences from many forms of music.

“We grew up in a small town in Texas, so obviously country is in there,” he said. “And we’re all children of the ’80s, so we all grew up on the ’80s metal and then discovered punk rock and blended all of that with a little bit of humor and light-heartedness.”

Reddick said one aspect of the band he is proud of is staying genuine.

“We really are the same people on stage as we are off – just normal dudes who stumbled upon something that works for us, something that we believe in, something that we enjoy doing,”

Reddick said. “I think a lot of bands end up putting on some sort of other face that really isn’t themselves and sometimes that can drive people crazy.”

Logan White, 18, and a student at Central Ohio Technical College in Newark, Ohio, said in an email Bowling for Soup is one of his favorite bands and he’ll be attending Sunday’s concert.

“What I like most about the band is the way they handle themselves and how they are. They’re all great people who have always created music they genuinely care about and never made the music for anyone else,” White said.

Breeze Harper, 22, of Salesville, Ohio, and student at Ohio University Eastern Campus in St. Clairsville, Ohio, said in an email she has been a fan of Bowling For Soup for eight years and is also a fan of opening band Patent Pending.

“I love BFS because they blend amazing musical talent with smartly funny lyrics to create hilarious songs that are catchy and you can sing along with,” Harper said.

Just like the band member’s personalities and humorous songs, the group’s live performances are just as amusing, Reddick said. The band rarely takes themselves seriously, he said.

“We just like to bring smiles,” Reddick said. “We hope we help that bad day turn into a better evening. That’s what we do. If you don’t like smiling, you should not come see us.”

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