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OSU employee reportedly caught videotaping students in campus bathroom

Thomas Bradley / Campus editor

After allegedly videotaping students in a bathroom stall on campus, an Ohio State employee has been placed on indefinite leave, according to a 10TV report.
The report said an unidentified man used his cell phone camera in a second-floor restroom of Weigel Hall, part of the School of Music at OSU, to film students in the stall next to him.
10TV reported that the man propped the cell phone up on his ankle and videotaped students in the stall next to him. One student, after realizing the situation, grabbed the phone and reported the activity to OSU Police.
The man, a patient care associate in the emergency room employee of OSU’s Wexner Medical Center, was put on leave, but has not been charged by University Police, according to the report.
Nic Turner, a second-year in psychology and strategic communication, had class across the street from Weigel Hall, in Hughes Hall.
“It’s really weird that he did that, and it’s very unpleasant, I’ll say that. It’s actually pretty f****d up,” Turner said. “I feel a little creeped out about it now.”
During interviews with University Police, the man admitted to videotaping another person, in addition to the one who reported him.
Because he has not yet been charged, 10TV decided to not release the name of the employee.
Questions on the case were directed to Deputy Chief Richard Morman of University Police and David Crawford of the Wexner Medical Center, who were not available for comment Monday night.
Turner said he doesn’t feel less safe, but the thought of that happening on campus is “creepy.”
“The more people you have in one place, I guess, the more likely that messed up stuff will happen like that,” Turner said. “Still, it doesn’t make it any less creepy.”
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John Bush contributed to this story.

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