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Review: ‘The Wanted’ keeps fans wanting more

Boy-band fans, rejoice. The Wanted’s U.S. debut album is finally here. The self-titled record is short and sweet for those of you looking to get your British boy-band fill.

The album begins with the band’s most famous track, “Glad You Came.” The song, which is by far the best on the album, is likely something you have heard rattling the walls of a bar late Saturday night. The lyrics and melody will stick with you for the rest of the weekend and you might feel the need to download it immediately when you get home.

“Chasing the Sun” is another dance track with similar backbeats to “Glad You Came.” While the chorus of “Chasing the Sun” consists mainly of “oh,” you’ll find yourself singing along anyway.

It’s definitely a melody that will get stuck in your head because of the sheer simplicity of the track.

“Satellite” and “Lightning” aren’t anything out of the ordinary. Think ‘N Sync meets techno-pop. (It was bound to happen eventually.) These are feel-good songs with lyrics that will likely make most girls remember the days of their middle school crushes. It’s perfect for that girls’ night with no boys allowed.

The Wanted loses its luster with its one ballad track, “Heart Vacancy.” The song is slow and high-pitched, which is probably the problem. The lyrics are corny and unoriginal, making this a hard song to get through. The band members’ voices actually sound uncomfortable singing the song.

It might just be the band needing to mature and find its personality, but the ballad just doesn’t work for this group. The song doesn’t sound like it fits with the rest of the album and could confuse listeners.

With the exception of “Heart Vacancy,” every track on this album has some kind of techo-pop feel to it and is sure to get everybody moving. The record is full of feel-good songs that are sure to make any night a success. It’s fair to say that even the shyest wallflowers will be glad they came.


Grade: A-

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