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Bar owners don’t think business will be shot by OSU’s semester switch

Sarah Pfledderer / Arts editor

With the semester switch weeks away, many students might be changing the days they party, and businesses are preparing.

On the semester curriculum, students are finding they will have more classes on Fridays than on the quarter system, and fewer on Mondays.

Zach Rosenbeck, a fifth-year in mathematics, said he typically goes out Friday and Saturday nights, so the change won’t affect him much, but thinks fewer people might go out on Thursdays after the switch.

“If they have things to do on Friday, like exams or homework due, I think people are less likely to go out,” Rosenback said. “Though, I don’t think it will affect business much, enough people will still go out just maybe on different nights. It will all even out.”

Holly Maldonado, a third-year in education and bartender at The Little Bar, said she doesn’t think Friday classes will stop people from going out.

“If people want to go out, they will go out,” Maldonado said. “Little Bar already has a Sunday Funday, so popularity might increase there, but our biggest nights now are Wednesday and Saturday.”

Justin Rupp, a fourth-year in psychology, said he won’t be changing his routine with the semester switch because he already has Friday classes and goes out typically four nights a week, but he might consider swapping Thursday for Sunday night.

“I might go out on Sunday, but my exams are typically on Monday and Tuesday now, so that is a factor,” Rupp said. “But I don’t think any bars are hurting for revenue now and that they might just switch specials to different days. Sunday might pick up and Thursdays might slow down.”

Sam Meinert, store manager at Ugly Tuna Saloona, said that since Thursday is one of its popular nights and is also college night, business could be hurt by Friday classes and the bar could feel an initial effect. Meinert said his biggest fear for the business is not the decrease in Thursday night popularity, but the effect the semester switch will have on the senior crawls usually held each quarter.

“I am worried about the switch from quarters to semesters because of the senior crawl,” Meinert said. “The senior crawl right before summer is one of the bar’s biggest days of the year. When OSU switches to semesters, the senior crawls might change and that could really affect revenue.”

Meinert said Ugly Tuna Saloona is working on some new specials but not to expect the current specials to change very much.

President E. Gordon Gee told The Lantern on April 23 that the transformation from quarters to semesters is really a significant event at this university, but that students will be the most advantaged from the change.

“I kind of describe it this way: On June 30, we will be a very solid 1980s university,” Gee said. “Come July 1, we’ll be one of the most forward thinking, one of the most progressive and one of the most 21st-century institutions in the country. It’s that dramatic of a change.”

Gee said he hasn’t personally received any complaints from students frustrated with schedules for the fall.

“You know something? I’m kind of on the end of the food chain,” Gee said. “A lot of people might hear about it before, but we have our president’s council where we have all the major offices of the university report about what is happening.” 

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