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Commentary: Politics, farts fare to humor in the news

“You can’t really be strong until you can see a funny side things.” -Ken Kesey, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, 1962

News was slow over the weekend, and things aren’t looking any more explosive so far this week, so most people not in my line of work are thanking their deities.

It’s already an hour until my deadline and my weekend buzz is fading away along with any hope for a break from the madness and I still don’t have a clear subject for this week’s “Weirdness from Below.” So I’m just going to discuss a few things I find funny.

The second annual Comedy Awards, shown on Comedy Central Sunday, celebrated the world of mainstream comedy. The big winners: Robin Williams, (Stand-up Icon Award), Amy Poehler (best actress) along with her show, “Parks and Recreation” (best comedy series) and Louis C.K.’s laugh-riot series, “Louie” (best sketch/alternative comedy series).

While I’m excited to see some of my favorite comedians receive recognition for their contributions to the world, and for alleviating some of my cynicism (though, not so much Louis C.K.), I maintain that real life is funnier than even the finest comedy. And the best time to see the hilarity of this exciting time in science and technology is to skim headlines on a slow news day.

Dinosaur farts are theorized to have contributed to a prehistoric climate change, with scientists saying a single species of massive veganosaurases (Sauropods) might have released almost as much methane into the atmosphere as all modern sources of methane, natural or otherwise, according to Christian Science Monitor.

Picture Andre the Giant after a heap of fried cabbage and cheap beer. I once almost caused a global climate change with that stuff and I’m only 140 pounds.

According to another study, yogurt might be a great way to get laid. Mice that were placed on diets with probiotic yogurts grew smoother, thicker fur and larger testicles, producing a “mouse swagger” and having more fertile and frequent sexual encounters with the girly mice, as reported by the Huffington Post.

And it wouldn’t be a complete recap of hilarious news bites if we didn’t talk a little bit about the 2012 presidential election.

The Republican nominee race is pretty much over with jokester Mitt Romney having 856 delegates and Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich out of the picture. This just leaves a befuddled Ron Paul as the only hope for humanity. Paul shook things up in Maine and Nevada over the weekend. But with only 94 delegates, things look pretty bleak for the old man.

What’s funny about this is Paul’s ignorance to the fact that the nation has already given up on itself and is even more despondent about the Republican party being able to fix anything – at all. And I can say with a clear conscience that this election year will be remembered as nothing more than another farce in a long series of political embarrassments since the collapse of the Whig party in the mid-1850s.

That’s what Stephen Colbert and “Saturday Night Live” say anyway. It’s increasingly apparent that America trusts these sources for its hard-hitting political analysis over CNN and Fox News, no question.

And that’s funny to me.

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