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MVP speech proves humility, maturity followed LeBron James’ talents to South Beach

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LeBron James joined an elite group of NBA players this past week, becoming the eighth player to win three League MVP awards.

His talent is undeniable, but what was even more notable was the sincerity and emotion with which he delivered his acceptance speech in recognition of being crowned the best player in the league for the 2012 season.

It is hard to recall many occasions on which James has let his emotions be as visible as they were Saturday. He spent much of the time remembering those in his life that have helped him reach this point in his career, along with his family and teammates that allow him to continue to perform at a high level. It was truly uplifting to hear how humble and selfless he was.

While many people in the Buckeye State will always hold a grudge against King James for “The Decision” in which he announced, during an hour-long television special, that he would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Miami Heat, I am glad maturity and peace seem to have followed James’ talents to South Beach.

It seems with the support of the Heat organization, his teammates, his family and those who have been a critical part of his life, James will continue to grow and improve as a person and a player.

Although he did not appear to be in balance mentally during last year’s playoff run, perhaps leading to his inability to play up to his expected level late in games, I think James is primed to reach his ultimate goal of capturing an NBA championship this year.  

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