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Timeflies to make sold-out landing in Columbus concert Tuesday

Courtesy of Jordan Wright

Music duo Timeflies is hoping to fly into the hearts of a sold-out crowd in Columbus Tuesday.

Timeflies, consisting of vocalist Cal Shapiro and Rob “Rez” Resnick, who heads production and beats, produces what it calls “electro hip-pop dub-something” music, creating revamped versions of songs such as “Wild Ones,” “Without U” and “Call Me Maybe.”

Timeflies is scheduled to perform at 9 p.m. Tuesday at Skully’s Music-Diner, located at 1151 N. High St.

Shapiro and Resnick met at Tufts University near Boston, and formed the group in October 2010.

The group began a weekly ritual in March 2011 called “Timeflies Tuesday” in which they upload a new music video to their YouTube account, Timeflies4850.

The account has nearly 60,000 subscribers and almost 20 million video views.

Videos titled, “Wayward Son” and “Under the Sea (original version)” have more than one million views.

Shapiro said the videos are sometimes difficult to find a theme for.

“Sometime around Monday night, we start freaking out and eventually agree on something,” Shapiro said in an email.

Resnick agreed.

“(It) really depends on the week,” Resnick said in an email. “Sometimes it’s an obvious choice, other times it takes longer to decide than to actually record.”

Resnick used one word to describe the songs Timeflies performs live: “bangers.”

Shapiro said one of the duo’s best tour stops could be in Ohio.

“We love Ohio,” Resnick said. “It really started to feel like our home away from home and since we haven’t been to Columbus, (it) seemed like a fun place to throw down.”

Timeflies only album, “The Scotch Tape,” was released on iTunes in September.

The group has attracted the attention of some OSU students.

Brendan Duffin, a first-year in civil engineering, said he heard about Timeflies through a friend.

Duffin said his favorite video is “Wayward Son,” which involves Shapiro rapping about topics such as Anthony Weiner, LeBron James and London, England, that he pulls out of a hat.

Shapiro and Resnick said they try to give audiences a little bit of everything at their shows.

“We try to mix it up,” Shapiro said. “A mix of our originals, YouTube songs and freestyles.”

Resnick said another thing he likes to mix up his taste in drinks, whereas Shapiro often mentions his love of scotch in some of his lyrics.

“I have a very expensive pallet,” Resnick said. “UV vodka and Fanta is where I draw my strength. That and picklebacks, if you don’t know, find out.”

According to an article in the New York Post, a pickleback is one shot of Jameson Irish Whiskey, followed by a shot of pickle juice.

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