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Vanity Theft strives to be more than textbook

Courtesy of Claire Thomas

When three girls from a Dayton-area high schools met, they didn’t imagine they would have come together to form Vanity Theft, an indie rock band that has produced multiple albums and toured the country several times.

Vanity Theft will be playing with Bonneville and LVX Friday at Circus in the Trio Showcase. Doors open at 5 p.m.

The band will also release its new EP, “The Right Amount of Distance,” at the showcase.

“It’s a lot more garage and less produced than the last record,” guitarist and vocalist Brittany Hill, said of the EP. “We feel like it’s more representative of who we are as a band.”

Vanity Theft’s music has heavy synthesizer lines, fast drumbeats and massive guitar riffs.

“It’s like danceable indie rock,” said drummer Elyse Driskill.

The band’s second album, “Get What You Came For,” was its first album released under Adamant Records. The band released its first album titled “Post Script: Pace Yourself” in 2008 before it signed with the label.

Hill said, “Get What You Came For” is the band’s “best accomplishment to date.”

Singer and keyboardist Alicia Grodecki said “Bit by Bit” is her favorite song to perform off the album.

“‘Bit by Bit’ is kind of about becoming really infatuated with someone that you know is bad news, and you just go diving in head first anyway,” Grodecki said.

Hill and Driskill said another favorite on the album for them is “Textbook Answer.”

“It’s basically about trying to take a unique approach to a really painful experience, whether it be a breakup or a friend betraying you and trying to not lose who you are,” Hill said.  

Vanity Theft lost its all-female band handle when it welcomed bass player Daniel Sahagun on its tour in March. Sahagun first started working with the band in 2010, helping it record “Get What You Came For” and “The Right Amount of Distance.”

The band is scheduled to hit the road for its next tour with Enemies (!) Tuesday. The tour is scheduled to end June 8.

Hill said Vanity Theft prides itself on having high energy in its performances, a reason why some fans favor the live shows.

“Vanity Theft is an inconceivably wonderful band who put on a rock solid live set,” said Jared Lindenau, a 2010 Ohio State alumnus with a bachelor in fine arts.

Driskell said, “We are so full of energy these days because we are at the point where every song we play we love.”

Even though the band is still trying to break into a music scene away from home, Driskell added Vanity Theft is increasingly finding a sweet spot in Columbus.

“I would say that we are a Dayton band, but Columbus is becoming our new home,” she said.

Tickets for Friday’s show are $9 at the door and $6 in advance.

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