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Rebecca Gates makes way to the Columbus stage after 11-year hiatus

Courtesy of Brendan Bourke

After an 11 year hiatus from touring, Rebecca Gates is looking to spin old tunes with new and she’s bringing in some help from The Consortium.

Gates, who was also a part of indie rock band The Spinanes, is scheduled to perform Saturday at Double Happiness.

Her new album “The Float,” featuring The Consortium, released last month on her own label. Gates said the album’s style is a cross between The Spinanes and her solo record “Ruby Series.”

“I would say that it’s in the same vein,” Gates said. “I’ve always written all the songs and it’s my voice.”

After releasing three albums with The Spinanes and a solo record, Gates said she put a halt to her music career to pursue other interests.

“I just wanted a different schedule in my life,” Gates said. “I wanted to do other things, learn other things.”

During her hiatus, Gates said she continued writing and playing music as guest vocalist on other artists’ albums, but became more involved with sound and sound art. In that time she also become a consultant for the Future of Music Coalition and co-founder and editor of audiomagazine The Relay Project, which is scheduled to be published as Sonoset Audiomagazine beginning this year.

“I was involved in the contemporary art scene, both as an artist and as a curator,” Gates said. “I got increasingly involved in cultural advocacy.”

Meredith Melragon, a self-employed educational consultant and retired rock journalist, followed Gates’ and The Spinanes’ music. Melragon said the music was driven with good drumming, good guitar and an interesting voice.

“That’s how I got to know the music because I was really deep in the music that was coming out of that part of the word,” Melragon said. “She (Gates) wasn’t angry like Liz Phair. She was just cool.”

Eric Robertson, The Indie Handbook editor-in-chief, recalled one review of The Spinanes noting the band “had a sense of negative space.”

“The original work was just the guitar and drums and nothing in between,” Robertson said.

He also said Gates has progressed from the indie rock she was known for in the 90s with The Spinanes.

“There’s this spatial awareness which I think probably comes from her spending so much time in the visual arts circles in the last few years,” Robertson said. “It’s definitely almost three-dimensional music, I might say.”

Robertson also said he’s interested to see how Gates will perform with more instruments and people involved on stage because The Spinanes started out as duo.

The Consortium is composed of eight performers, but the core group for 2012 is only composed of four.

“We are usually three or four people, and when we get to Columbus, we’ll be four,” Gates said. “By today’s standards, four is a pretty classic rock combo.”

Double Happiness is located in the Brewery District at 482 S. Front St. Doors are scheduled to open at 8 p.m. and tickets are $8 in advance or $10 the day of the show.

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