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Men’s fashion: Tuck away your YOLO tank, make good first impression

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As the first semester at Ohio State since the 1920s rolls onto students’ schedules, men can follow these tips for looking sharp and ringing in the new school year with a few different looks:

Casual: First Day of Class

While the first day of class is certainly not a formal affair, it is your only chance to make a good first impression with the person who will be controlling your grade for the next 14 weeks. For the rest of the semester, feel free to stroll into class wearing whatever semi-odor-free shirt you picked off your floor, but that first hour-and-a-half is your time to present yourself as a clean-cut scholar. By no means does this warrant a business casual look. Leave the shirt and tie to the professor, but come prepared with hair combed back and an outfit that looks as though you gave at least a second glance in the mirror before walking out the door. Also dress accordingly for the weather around campus. Remember, Fall Semester is starting a full month earlier than yesteryears’ quarters, so plan on something light and cool that won’t leave you stained with sweat after walking across campus. Your best bet lies in a simple T-shirt and shorts combo. Perhaps throw in a polo or casual button-up if the temperature’s not too high. Wear shorts with a hem sitting just above the knee, and please, wear a leather belt to keep the waistline up above your backside and to prevent your boxers from hanging out for the world to see. Pair the shorts with either a casual sneaker (not a running shoe) or a leather boat shoe or loafer. As for the T-shirt, leave your YOLO tank for the weekend and go with something solid or patterned.  

Business: Interview

If for no other reason, every college-aged male should have at least one business button-up and tie for the occasional job, internship or scholarship interview. While an interview is certainly not the time to try out some crazy look you saw in a fashion editorial, feel free to break away from the traditional black-on-white and add some color with a light blue or salmon shirt paired with a striped or plaid tie. If you’re feeling a little more risky, try out a plaid or gingham shirt with a solid tie, or a tie with a subtle, monotone pattern. While mixing patterns is not a definite no-go, it takes a careful eye to differentiate a stylish overlay from a clashing clown ensemble. Try to stay with ties that are, at most, three inches at their widest point, but don’t go too skinny or you’ll end up looking like a Jonas Brother. As for the lower half, a dark gray or charcoal flat-front pant is always a safe bet. Again, wear a belt to keep the waistline actually at your waist, and choose a fit that doesn’t leave you swimming in your pants like MC Hammer. Finish up with a black, round-toed leather shoe. Square-toed shoes are a thing of the past.

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