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Women’s fashion: Spectate comfortably and bleed scarlet and gray at Ohio State football games

Cody Cousino / Multimedia editor

Saturday marks the start of a new era for Buckeye football, so it’s only fitting that your wardrobe should start fresh for Saturday’s season opener against Miami (Ohio). While it might not yet feel like autumn is in the air, you can still be football-fabulous in a heat wave.

For the first few games, you’ll probably be most comfortable in a pair of denim or twill shorts. It’s going to be hot, and depending where your seats are, you might be in the direct sunlight the entire game, so don’t forget sunscreen. Flip-flops might be the more comfortable option, but not the most practical. A basic pair of tennis shoes is probably best for walking to and from the Horseshoe and up and down its bleachers.

Once it starts getting chillier, consider wearing jeans or leggings to the game. Boots are a fine shoe option and look great with skinny jeans and a fitted jersey. There’s no need to worry about being too cold yet, but if you’re worried about the wind, opt for a long-sleeved shirt underneath your jersey. It will provide an additional layer without leaving you overheated.

For the colder games and night games, you’ll want to wear at least a hoodie underneath your jersey. I suggest opting for a long-sleeved thermal shirt, a fleece jacket and then your jersey. Keep in mind wind can creep through the holes in the jersey material, causing you to lose some heat you would otherwise keep from non-permeable fabric. Don’t forget a hat and gloves with fleece lining. Avoid those cheap woven gloves you probably would wear walking to class because those won’t do the job of keeping your hands warm against harsh winds in the stadium.

Accessorizing for the games is one of the most fun parts. I opt for painting my nails gray and layering on a sparkly red topcoat. It will keep you feeling like a girly-girl while watching a manlier sport. Invest in a buckeye necklace or bracelet. It adds a touch of spirit to your outfit without pushing it over the top.

Hair becomes a whole other battle once you walk into the stadium. Wind gusts make it impossible to do anything that involves leaving it down, so try a ponytail or braid. Fishtail braids are extremely popular this season and look slightly more grown-up than a traditional braid. You can also opt for a side-braid and leave some shorter pieces of hair out and curled to keep the style looking effortless.

No matter what you wear or how you choose to do your hair, remember to keep it simple and natural. You’re going to a football game as a part of Buckeye Nation, so it will be intense and exciting, and there’s no time to perfect your look. Be comfortable and feel great, but most of all never dress for the other team amid a sea of scarlet and gray ­- that will make you stand out in a bad way.

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