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Datsik’s ‘falling down the stairs’ sound to crash onto Columbus stage

Courtesy of Teaghan McGinnis

The Firepower Records Tour is blazing through the nation with dubstep at its helm. And with artist Datsik steering the way, the tour is bringing some warped bass sound to Columbus.

The dubstep artist along with Delta Heavy, Bare Noize and AFK is scheduled to perform 9 p.m. Thursday at The Bluestone, located at 583 E. Broad St.

Datsik, whose real name is Troy Beetles, is a 24-year-old from British Columbia. Beetles said that in touring across North America he’s sharing his warped bass beats and throwing huge parties along the way.

Warped bass is a sound that can be described as “someone falling down the stairs,” Beetles said. “The music is a dash of hip-hop and punk mixed over electronic and that heavy bass.”

Beetles said his older brothers and the music they passed down to him have been a large influence on the music he creates.

“I had two older brothers that gave me their hand-me-downs of CDs and music,” Beetles said. “I would listen to Snoop (Dogg) and Method Man and I would create beats to the songs and produce my own stuff.”

The beats Beetles created included some of the same elements he still works with today.

“I had little projects I would do when I was younger and I go back and listen and realize that I had a 70 bpm (beats per minute) and a warped bass. So I think that even without knowing, I’ve been making this music for a long time,” Beetles said.

He also said his favorite part about performing and producing this type of music is the crowd’s energy and excitement during a show.

“When the crowd is dancing and getting into it, that’s awesome and it makes it into a huge raging party,” Beetles said.

Word of Beetles’ upcoming performance has caused a buzz at some local music stores.

Charlotte Kubat, manager at Magnolia Thunderpussy, located at 1155 N. High St., ordered Datsik’s music in preparation for the show.

“We ordered it when people kept asking us about him and we also wanted to check it out,” Kubat said.

She also said she does enjoy electronic music but knows less about dubstep and its genre of music.

“I listen to dubstep on occasion, but it’s definitely the younger generation’s music,” Kubat said. “I’ve been to a show before. It’s the young version of a rave, but I had a great time too.”

With the interest in dubstep on the upswing in the mainstream music market, there are some misconceptions about the genre, Beetles said.

“Some think that it has changed from being totally underground chill-out music to mainstream club dance music, and that this change is bad,” Beetles said.

He referenced this evolved version of the genre as “brostep” and said he thinks it gives the music untrue negative connotations.

“People think that because of the more dance club feel to the music that more “bros” (fraternity brothers) will be going to the shows, but I think that the more people who want to come party and enjoy, then awesome,” Beetles said.

Tickets for Thursday’s show are $20, available on The Bluestone’s website.

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