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Libertarian Gary Johnson an ideal candidate

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For most of us, this is either the first or second time we are voting for the president of the United States. While it is ultimately your choice who to vote for, there is one candidate who is being overlooked: the Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson.
I am in no way insinuating that you need to vote for Johnson. It’s your decision. I am, however, encouraging you to know about all the candidates running for the highest office of the United States. I am writing about Johnson because he is the only third-party candidate who will appear on the ballot in all 50 states this November.
Johnson was the governor of New Mexico from 1995-2003 and was known as “Governor Veto.” While in office he vetoed more than 750 proposed bills and cut taxes 14 times. He never raised taxes once. In 2003, New Mexico and three other states had a balanced budget.
Johnson strongly supports both the Constitution and civil liberties. Where does he stand on the issues? He would eliminate the IRS, audit the Federal Reserve, end the war in Afghanistan, reform health care, allow gays to marry, and legalize and regulate marijuana.
There are several issues that voters frequently ask about, but I will touch on a few that have been getting a lot of attention this election season.
First is Johnson’s plan to fix the spending deficit. In an interview with Rebecca Costa on “The Costa Report,” Johnson said, “I promise to submit a balanced budget for 2013 and veto any expenses that exceed revenue. Believing with those two promises kept, spending will be lower than any other scenario you could possibly come up with.”
What would he do to health care? Johnson says he would repeal the Affordable Care Act. He believes that with fewer government mandates and regulation, health care will be competitive and more affordable for Americans.
Johnson’s stance on civil liberties is as follows: “Government must be neutral on personal beliefs,” Johnson said. He would allow anyone to marry whomever he or she chooses. The government must not impose their values upon marriage.
Johnson encourages everyone to visit the website iSideWith.com. He is certain that many people are more of a libertarian than they might think. In my opinion, this is a great resource to learn about all the candidates in the election.
Johnson also disapproves of critics who say that voting for a third party is a wasted vote. “What is more than a wasted vote, when you vote for someone you don’t agree with? You’re a making a judgment that you are voting for the lesser of two evils. How about you vote for someone you believe in?”
This election is important for us. It will determine the direction the country is headed as we make our way into the post-college world. We are the next generation of decision makers. Make sure that when you vote, you are an informed voter and you are making the right decision for you. Never settle for where you think the majority is headed. Make your voice heard.
I am not naive and thinking that Johnson is going to win. I know he isn’t. That’s not going to stop me from voting for him. This is what makes the United States great, you can choose for whom you want to vote. I have never been more confident in a candidate.  

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