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Big Room to turn to Scottish pub in Columbus with ‘The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart’

Courtesy of Drew Farrell

A corner of Columbus will be transformed into a Scottish pub this week.

The Wexner Center for the Arts is scheduled to present the National Theatre of Scotland’s “The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart” at the CD 101 (102.5) Big Room Wednesday through Sunday.

The play centers on Prudencia Hart, who is an expert of Scottish folklore and hell. She attends a conference in a small town in Scotland called Kelso but ends up locked in a pub overnight because of bad weather. During the night, she experiences something that could change her life.

“The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart” is performed in a non-traditional setting, inviting the audience into a pub.

Jennifer Wray, marketing and media assistant at the Wexner Center, said the audience will gather at tables for the performance, and the performers will move around the tables, asking for audience participation.

Wray said this setting allows attendees to get involved with the fun.

“It’s meant to be sort of a wild, fun time in a way. Of course, you can have fun in a traditional setting too, but when you have a different setting like this, it makes you (have to) be ready for something different,” Wray said.

She added that the show’s style is well matched to the mission of the Wexner Center, which is to provide fresh culture to its audiences.  

“That is exactly why it is such a good partnership for us to have them coming in,” Wray said. “Because we do want to introduce Columbus audiences to performances that they’re not going to see anywhere else.”

Andy Clark, who plays Colin Syme who is Hart’s academic nemesis, said the table setting helps the actors to complete their performance.

“We use the audience,” Clark said. “During the play, we chat with audience members. The people’s different reactions make it interesting.”

He added that audiences don’t need to worry about the participation part.

“We just ask some questions to audiences,” Clark said. “I can promise that nobody will get humiliated.”

Clark said even though this performance is based on Scottish culture, audiences can easily become engaged by the story.

“Audiences from anywhere can enjoy our play,” Clark said. “We performed in Brazil. They have a different culture but all of the audience members were laughing during the play.”  

However, “The Strange Undoing of Prudencia Hart” is more than a form of entertainment.

“We started with comedy but it contains some serious issues too,” Clark said. “People can learn about love, poetry and so on.”

Orly Amor, a graduate student in psychology and education, said the performance sounds interesting.

“I think I can expect that the play would be more interactive than other plays,” Amor said. “I think learning through comedy is really beneficial for people. I can probably learn Scottish culture (by seeing the play) that I’m not familiar with.”

CD 101 (102.5) Big Room is located at 1036 S. Front St. Tickets for the show are available through the Wexner Center for $17 for Wexner Center members, $10 for students and $20 for the general public.

“Tickets have been selling well for the production here in America and they have been getting great reviews. People who have had opportunities to see the production, they’ve loved it,” Wray said. “I think all of the qualities it has can capture the audience’s imagination and it turns out to be enjoyable experience.”

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