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Ohio State’s Newark campus reopens after Tuesday morning bomb threat

Ohio State’s Newark campus reopened at about 5 p.m. Tuesday after a morning bomb threat shut it down.
An alert on the university’s website asked all students, faculty and staff to evacuate the campus in a “calm and orderly manner.”
Newark Police did not respond for comment Tuesday evening, but according to an email sent at about 3 p.m. from the Newark campus emergency broadcast system, the campus was scheduled to reopen at 5:30 p.m. for “normal business and classes.”
At 9:22 a.m., OSU’s emergency management Twitter account, @OSU_EMFP, tweeted that the Newark campus would be closed until further notice.
Officials at the Newark campus released a statement saying the campus would be closed as the Newark Police and Fire Departments were investigating the bomb threat Tuesday afternoon.
OSU Police did not immediately respond to The Lantern‘s request for comments.
Brittany Lloyd, a first-year student at the OSU-Newark campus, said she was frightened when she first heard of the threat.
“I was in Warner Library just doing some math,” Lloyd said in an email. “It was around 10:30 when a lady came running upstairs yelling, ‘There’s a bomb threat, you guys need to evacuate now.'”
Some students at OSU’s Columbus campus were upset they did not receive an email notifying them of the threat.
“We should have been notified here because we’re all OSU students and any threat to an OSU community is a concern to us,” said Tyler Bonta, a second-year in criminal psychology at OSU’s Columbus campus.
Johvonty Stewart, a second-year in journalism, agreed and said President Barack Obama’s Tuesday visit to OSU’s Columbus campus made the matter a little more concerning.
“I think we should of all gotten informed even if we don’t go there,” Stewart said. “I think it’s fairly significant that Obama is coming the same day there’s a bomb threat.”
Alex Zoll, a first-year in electrical engineering, said officials didn’t evacuate the residence halls, but only the “main buildings” on campus.
Zoll said his professors were understanding of the situation and didn’t assign any extra work to make up for missed class.
“I had one exam today and my other class he sent an email out … he’s kind of a funny guy, he sent an email out saying he hoped we all survived,” Zoll said.

Ayan Sheikh, Megan Sharp and Matt Kraus contributed to this story

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