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Surrealism seeps into ‘Dark, Twisted, & Crunchy III’ exhibit at Columbus’ CS Gallery

Courtesy of James Kelly

Surrealism is alive and well at CS Gallery in Columbus’ Olde Towne East neighborhood, just in time for Halloween.

Running from Friday through Oct. 22, the exhibit titled “Dark, Twisted, & Crunchy III” is the third annual event of its kind at CS Gallery.

“I try not to repeat show themes too much, but in 2010 I gave it a shot and decided to keep doing it as long as it’s successful,” said Daniel Colvin, owner of CS Gallery.

Colvin is unsure of the number of entrants for the exhibition, but said he expects 30 to 40 pieces of art. The deadline for online submissions has passed, but artists can still submit art for the exhibition by dropping it off at the gallery.

Surrealism is a cultural and social movement that gained momentum in France in the 1920s that focuses on connecting the subconscious to the outward world through artistic expression.

Paintings, such as those by Spanish painter Salvador Dali, are easily recognized throughout the world for their dreamy, dark or grotesque quality. Photographers such as Man Ray and writers such as French writer Guillaume Apollinaire also belong to the Surrealism movement.

James Kelly, a contributor to the exhibit and folk artist, has worked with Colvin in the past. Kelly was featured in the first “Dark, Twisted, & Crunchy” exhibit with two other artists.

“I’m submitting five to seven (pieces of art), I believe, it just depends on the space. My work (for this exhibit) has an emphasis on collage and illustration with sort of a surreal landscape,” Kelly said.

Kelly said his pieces are larger, about 4 feet by 4 feet, and the pieces he will display at the exhibition are for sale. Prices range from $250 to $2,500 for an original, and prints are available for $5 to $10.

Simon La Bozetta, a full-time artist, teaches at Glass Axis, an art studio located at 1341 Norton Ave., but still shows his work when he can.

“I didn’t do last year’s exhibit. I wanted to, but I was strapped for time and didn’t have the ability to,” he said.

La Bozetta said his wife describes his work as symbolic surrealism. Over a 27-year span he has dabbled in a number of styles, but for the last 10 years, his style has matured into surrealism.

La Bozetta also said he creates about six pieces at a time to work through the artistic concept, and he expects to enter two or three oil paintings in the exhibit.

One piece La Bozetta is entering is a “see no evil” concept that mocks the effects of the body by way of its realism, and another large painting of his wife will be for sale for about $1,500.

Kelly, originally sought out by Colvin in 2010 to submit to the first “Dark, Twisted, & Crunchy” exhibit, said that CS Gallery is an appropriate spot for an exhibit.

“It’s a great space and a great gallery to show in, and anytime they ask me to show I try to,” Kelly said.

CS Gallery is located at 66 Parsons Ave.

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