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Album review: Pitbull’s ‘Global Warming’ offers beats to heat up the party

Mr. Worldwide has done it yet again. With his seventh album, “Global Warming,” and collaborations with artists such as Jennifer Lopez, Usher and Chris Brown, Pitbull lures his listeners to a never-ending party. So whether you’re looking for a study break or a beat that will make you want to dance, “Global Warming” is for you.

In “Party Ain’t Over,” featuring Usher and Afrojack, clubgoers are urged to continue partying with Pitbull, with lyrics like, “The party ain’t over till the fat lady sings.”

“Feel This Moment,” a collaboration with Christina Aguilera, offers a slower tempo as Aguilera flaunts her incredible vocals.

The album even has a ladies’ anthem with “Drinks For You,” which finds Jennifer Lopez singing, “I done had a long week / Now it’s time to celebrate.” Pitbull dedicates the song to “single ladies and single mothers / Raising babies, working hard.” And with “Have Some Fun” featuring The Wanted and Afrojack, you can’t help but put down what you’re doing and join in on the fun.

This track will make for a great party jam.

If you’re looking for some Latino flavor, Pitbull has a little something for you in “Tchu Tchu Tcha” with Enrique Iglesias, as well as in “Echa Pa’lla” on the deluxe edition of the album, which he sings entirely in Spanish. In “Last Night,” featuring Havana Brown and Afrojack, Pitbull has you wishing you were experiencing the Miami club scene with the lyrics, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas / What happens in Miami, never happened.”

With 12 songs (16 on the deluxe edition) and a variety of featured artists, “Global Warming” tempts you to never stop having fun.

Grade: A-

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