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Men’s fashion: Levi Strauss & Co. champions jean manufacturing with classic Americana aesthetics

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The powerhouse denim brand has been, and might always be, the classic American brand Levi Strauss & Co. Ever since the company’s first pair of 501s in the 1890s, which went on to become one of the world’s best-selling clothing items, Levi’s has become the go-to jean manufacturer for men worldwide.

Since the company’s rise to the top, blue jeans have become a staple in nearly every American’s closet. Everywhere from Wal-Mart to high-end designer labels carry them, and the average American owns close to seven pairs of jeans.

Having originated as the attire for miners, factory workers and cowboys, blue jeans have become a celebrated American tradition that has since spread to the rest of the world.

While men’s pants are sized much more simply than women’s, by the actual measurements of the waist and inseam rather than a seemingly random number, size isn’t the only thing guys have to worry about when buying jeans.

One thing to keep in mind when searching for a new pair of jeans is the wash, or color.

A dark wash is always going to be the best choice when it comes to jeans. Not only has darker denim become an increasingly popular trend since the end of the 1990s, but it is also a lot more practical than lighter washes.

Dark denim won’t show stains and is more slimming than light-washed denim. It’s also easier to dress up darker shades and they easily transition from day to night.

An equally important factor to watch when purchasing jeans is the fit. Straight-leg jeans, ones that fit slimly throughout the legs and don’t flair out or come in at the ankles, are currently one of the most popular styles.

Straight-legged fits ride a happy medium between skinny and relaxed-fitted jeans and their tailored look gives off a more masculine image than any other.

In addition to blue jeans, denim is moving to all other ends of the apparel spectrum. Denim shirts and jackets have regained popularity as trends move toward classic Americana aesthetics.

Pairing a denim shirt or jacket with khaki, brown or colored pants is always an easy way to throw in some denim on your upper half. But matching denim-on-denim can also work if the top wash is lighter than the wash of your jeans.

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