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Presidential sisters: Ohio State siblings voted sorority presidents

Courtesy of Jamie Schertz

Sisters Jamie and Adrienne Schertz might be in the same family and just got elected as sorority presidents, but they have different reigns.
The idea of being in a sorority was never a thought in the Schertz family until Jamie Schertz’s freshman year at Ohio State. The third-year in marketing said she only rushed because all of her roommates were and she thought it might be fun.
After Jamie Schertz rushed and was recruited by Chi Omega, it was the beginning of the newfound love in the family.
When second-year in marketing Adrienne Schertz was a freshman, she decided she wanted to rush after hearing how much her sister enjoyed the experience. After Adrienne Schertz rushed, she was able to limit it down to three sororities she was interested in joining, including her sister’s Chi Omega and her final choice, Kappa Kappa Gamma.
Adrienne Schertz said it was a tough decision for her, but in the end she didn’t want to just follow her sister.
“I wanted to go into it with an open mind, and I think a lot of people thought being the youngest, I would just do whatever she did,” Adrienne Schertz said.
Jamie Schertz said she was happy when her younger sister made her own decision.
Both girls were recently elected president of their respective sororities, but neither of them had planned it.
Jamie Schertz said she wasn’t expecting to become president, and that she was nominated for the position by some of her sisters.
“I was really surprised, but I was very honored at the same time,” Jamie Schertz said.
Adrienne Schertz also was surprised when she found out she had been elected as president of Kappa Kappa Gamma. She said she had written a letter of intent for a different position but got a call saying she had been elected for president.
“I had no idea, it wasn’t even on my mind,” Adrienne Schertz said. “I was a little nervous at first, but after I thought about it for a while I was really happy and excited.”
Renee Schertz, the sisters’ mom, said her daughters have very similar personalities, which will allow them to “keep the houses rocking.”
“Both of them are very determined, goal-oriented, and when they put their mind to something they will follow through,” Renee Schertz said.
The sisters are only 18 months apart, and have a very close relationship. The Schertz sisters are from a family of six that includes their 22-year-old sister Erica Schertz, their 17-year-old brother Danny Schertz, and their parents Renee and Tim Schertz. They are from Naperville, Ill., which is about 35 miles from Chicago.
In high school, Jamie and Adrienne Schertz were both members of their cross-country team and were both captains their senior year. Renee Schertz said she believes this is where they gained leadership skills.
“I think when they got involved in sports, you could tell they were leaders. I really think that brought it out,” Renee Schertz said. “Some of their coaches were great mentors. I think that attributes to them being great leaders.”
But Renee Schertz said her two girls’ achievements aren’t what she is most proud of.
“I’m super proud, but I tell them what they achieve doesn’t define them,” Renee Schertz said. “What defines them is what is in their hearts and I’m more proud of who they are.”

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