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Rape reported at Ohio State campus building

A female student reported a rape from the Neil Avenue building on Ohio State’s campus last weekend.
The incident is still under investigation, and  Chief Paul Denton of OSU Police could not say when the assault took place or if the victim knew the suspect.
The Neil Building, located at 1578 Neil Ave. on the corner of W. 10th Ave, is a residence hall which also houses the dining location MarketPlace. Neil Building hall directors were not available for comment.
Denton said although the rape was reported Saturday, the report was delayed and did not take place then.
“Sexual assaults are the most difficult crimes we could get called on,” Denton said.
Since each case is different, Denton said that it is hard to generalize how these types of cases are handled. He said protocol “depends on how (police officers) get the call.”
University Police receives notification of rape crimes from a variety of sources, from a hospital calling about a victim who has checked in to a call from the victims themselves. So notification could come days or months after the incident actually occurred.
The Saturday report follows two reported rapes in Park-Stradley Hall that have occurred within the past month.
Despite the recent reports, Denton said, “we don’t think it’s an ongoing problem to the campus community.”
Because it isn’t considered an ongoing problem on campus, there have been no warnings or announcements sent out through the OSU alert system.
OSU Office of Student Life spokesman Dave Isaacs said last week that reports of rape or sexual misconduct are taken very seriously at OSU.
“There are procedures in place under the university Code of Student Conduct to address complaints. Ohio State fully complies with federal law under Title IX to ensure that the proper authorities are notified,” Isaacs said in an email.
According to the OSU Wellness Center Sexual Violence Education and Support website, one in six women and one in 33 men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime, and nine out of 10 victims knew the perpetrator.
Danielle Berndt, a second-year in special education who was studying in MarketPlace Wednesday, said when she lived in the dorms she made sure to lock her doors at night.
“I made sure I knew my friends and my friend’s friends,” Berndt said.
Denton also said the University Police offers Rape Aggression Defense (R.A.D.) training. These courses on self-defense are free to women who register to attend, according to the University Police website, and consists of five sessions.
Some students said it’s important to take basic safety measures to protect themselves from crime.
Jacob Bresciani, a first-year in biology who was studying in MarketPlace Wednesday, said it would be best to stay in a group when walking at night.
Denton said it’s important that students go out with a friend they trust so they can watch out for each other and get home safely.

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