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Men’s fashion: It’s OK for students to look like a slob during finals week

Photo illustration by Andrew Holleran / Photo editor

Well, it’s Finals Week. Ohio State’s student body is tired and, despite the strangely warm temperatures, no one wants to be walking around outside. Quite honestly, I’ve hardly felt like getting out of bed.
We’re all exhausted, we’re all working hard (or at least pretending to) and we’re all way too busy to tend to that growing pile of dirty laundry in the corner of our bedrooms. So during a week when we have so much to do, why not just take a break from fashion and succumb to looking like an extra from “The Walking Dead”?
I say let your hair look like a mess. Don’t shower if it means an extra 10 minutes of sleep. No shave November? No shave until I feel like it.
Wear whatever clothes you pick up off your bedroom floor. We all do it anyway and it’s never been so acceptable. They don’t match? You wore the same thing the last six days? Who cares? Odds are, no one will notice behind the stack of textbooks piling before them.
Better odds, they probably look just as disheveled, just as tired and (let’s be honest) just as bad as you.
Finals Week is one of the few weeks of the school year that absolutely no one is judging your attire. And I urge you to embrace that because you’re getting judged enough by your professors, your grade point average and your calculus exam already.
We’re students. We’re human. We can only succeed at so much. Since you’ll have plenty of time to redeem yourself personally over winter break, maybe resigning to sartorial failure and focusing on the last stretch of Fall Semester is the best bet you have.
This week-and-a-half isn’t about looking good. It’s about getting through the load of life before you and celebrating (hint: drinking) heavily when you’re done.
So finish your papers. Make it through your exams. Then, grab a beer and put your best fashion foot forward into the New Year.

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