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Women’s fashion: Reflecting on fashion bests, regrets of 2012

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With Finals Week upon us and the holiday season just around the corner, it’s time to take a look back on the best and worst fashion trends of 2012.

Cropped tops: This look is one of Tim Gunn’s least favorite fashion trends. I’m a fan of these tees in the gym or during an at-home workout session to keep cool. These tops also work well with high-waisted pants. The key is to avoid showing too much skin.

Sheer styles: Underwear became outerwear this year. Sheer tops showing a lacy bra are in. If you’re not into showing what’s hidden underneath, opt for a bandeau top to avoid revealing it all.

Nail art: This trend can be attributed to Pinterest. Glitter, quirky designs and bright colors aren’t just for little girls and Ke$ha anymore.

Loafers: What was once considered to be a house shoe is now making its way to stores all nationwide. You can find these comfy classics in any style and practically all price ranges. Some cooler looks are set off by studs, sparkles and even velvet.

Brightly colored blazers: Amp up any look with a perfect pop of color. A brightly colored blazer brings something fun to an interview suit and keeps a classic look with jeans trendy. Just be sure to keep the jacket silhouette simple.

Sparkle is a color: Everything has been sparkly in 2012. Think of every day like New Year’s Eve. Sequined mini-dresses and skirts are sure to be all the rage this holiday season paired with a basic top and black tights.

Peplum silhouette: A great way to accentuate the hourglass figure of many women with its layered, ruffled or popped fabric at the waist, this look is perfect for the ladies. While it might seem daunting on the hanger, it’s worth a try in the dressing room.

Riding boots make it to mainstream: What was once something that seemed to be slowly making its way to all ages, riding boots can now be seen on women all across the country. You can find tons of styles, colors and textures all for various prices. Shoes like these, however, are definitely worth the investment.

Uggs are out: Uggs have finally made their way to the wayside of fashion mainstream. These boots are now merely good options for hanging out at home and running errands on Sunday afternoon in sweatpants.

Colored and printed jeans: With colored jeans making a huge hit in spring, fall has seen the resurgence of printed jeans. Floral patterns, animal prints and even polka dots are making their way to the denim surfaces.

Comfort is key: Oversized sweaters and tees have been paired with super skinny jeans this year. For an even more comfortable look, pair these tops with leggings.

Denim on denim: Chambray tops and dark-wash jeans can be worn together and the major looks of 2012 prove it. Keeping the washes completely different on top and bottom is what makes this look successful.

It’s clear some trends made a better impression than others, but one thing’s for sure, 2012 has been quite a whirlwind for the fashion world.

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