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Ohio State cycling class to have Harry Potter spin

Jackie Storer / Managing editor of design, Courtesy of Harry Potter Wiki and MCT

One Ohio State fitness class is channeling some Harry Potter magic this week, but leave the broomsticks at home.
OSU is offering a one-time cycling class with a Harry Potter theme to a routine cycling class Tuesday at the Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC).
The class will involve Harry Potter-themed decorations and prizes to be given out during the session.
To help the trainees get in the magic spirit there will be Harry Potter-themed music played before and after the workout. During the session, fast-paced music featuring monsters, wolves and other magical beats will help motivate participants, said fitness instructor Brooke Miller.
The second-year in strategic communication said she hopes the theme will attract fellow Harry Potter fans to fitness classes, which Alycia Israel, coordinator of fitness programs at OSU Recreational Sports, said is the ultimate goal.
“(The goal is) to pull people who aren’t necessarily participating in group exercise class(es) who might now be interested because it is something they are familiar with,” Israel said.
Some students vow to hit the gym at the start of a new year, and Miller said this class is a good way to help people stick with their resolutions.
“There are signs all over the RPAC promoting it,” she said. “So I think it will catch people’s eye who are looking for a New Year’s resolution who normally don’t go to the gym as often, which is awesome. I am really excited that I am able (to) teach it.”
Amanda Carroll, a fourth-year in microbiology, said she would be interested in the new spin on a traditional fitness class.
“I think it sounds interesting,” Carroll said. “I like Harry Potter, I don’t usually use the exercise bikes, but with something different like that it might be more interesting.”
However, others said they aren’t very likely to come to a cycle class at all.
Adam Ring, a third-year in industrial design, said he prefers weight lifting instead of workout classes and probably wouldn’t go regardless of the theme.
Miller would not reveal the prizes that would be handed out during the session, which runs from 7:30 p.m. to 8:20 p.m. in Room B30 of the RPAC Tuesday. The class will hold about 30 people.
Other themed events are scheduled to be held during Spring Semester, including Glee Dance Off on Jan. 22, Yoga for Climbers on Jan. 28, Boy Band Dance on March 19 and Gangham Style Dance on March 28.
Group fitness classes are free for students and anyone with a valid BuckID.

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