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Commentary: Beyoncé lights the stage on fire with Super Bowl halftime show, blows past shows away

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While I’m not a big football fan, I am a fan of funny commercials, snack food and definitely Beyoncé, so like nearly everyone else in America, I watched the Super Bowl Sunday night. Let me just say it – Beyoncé won the Super Bowl.
Her halftime show performance was easily one of the best and most memorable halftime performances I have ever seen (and let’s not forget the 2004 wardrobe malfunction involving Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake.)
As the lights went down and trails of flames illuminated two mirroring faces of Beyoncé, America must have known they were in for a treat. The singer started the performance in a shadow surrounded by smoke as she belted out a few lines from her song “Love on Top.” Then she strutted down the stage in a tight, leather and lace bodysuit to the tune of “Crazy in Love.”
Beyoncé showed off some of her signature dance moves and with the help of several back-up dancers and an all-girl band, viewers were already hyped up and impressed within the first few minutes. With the use of mesmerizing graphics and holograms, Beyoncé broke into her 2003 hit “Baby Boy.”
At this point in the performance my Twitter feed was filled with tweets about the singer, but I think “SNL” cast member Seth Meyers put it best when he tweeted, “When they invented walking they never dreamed it could ever look that good #Beyonce.”
Then things went from great to amazing. Sirens blared and a red blanket of light engulfed the stage as Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland sprung up onto stage and the Destiny’s Child trio was reunited once again. The audience roared as the girl group sang their early 2000s hits “Bootylicious” and “Independent Women.”
While the reunion was awesome and I hadn’t been expecting it, I was a little disappointed that they didn’t sing “Say My Name” or even “Survivor,” but maybe it’s best that they didn’t – the little girl inside of me would have exploded.
The two former Destiny’s Child stars helped Beyoncé sing and dance the signature moves to her 2008 hit “Single Ladies.” Then, Beyoncé said goodbye to Williams and Rowland as she did in 2005 after their farewell performance and finished the famous song with a dance solo.
To close the show, Beyoncé put her dance moves aside and let her voice take over. As she knelt down close to the crowd, whipping her hair into the audience, Beyoncé belted out her song “Halo” as her beautiful voice took over the Mercedes-Benz Superdome.
With a final bow to the audience before leaving the stage, Beyoncé had proven that she knows how to thrill a crowd. Her sexy dance moves and perfectly pitched voice made last year’s halftime show look mediocre, as it featured Madonna singing to a pre-recorded track and dancing like the 53-year-old that she was.
And besides, who else but Beyoncé could put on such a powerhouse performance that the power actually went out for more than a half hour after she left the stage? Although officals revealed that equipment detected an abnormality that shut off the power, we can still speculate that the Superdome just couldn’t handle Beyoncé’s greatness, right?
Beyoncé’s performance was pretty much a middle finger to everyone who criticized her for lip-synching the national anthem at the Presidential Inauguration on Jan. 21. She proved to the world that she can indeed sing – but let’s face it, we knew that all along.
The 2013 halftime performance definitely went down in history and just reiterated what everyone already knew: Beyoncé is a badass.

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