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Grammy Award-winning artist Ryan Bingham to perform for 1st time in Columbus

Courtesy of Greg Cortez

When Grammy Award winner Ryan Bingham comes to Columbus Monday night, his eclectic Americana music won’t be the only thing riding into town with him. Bingham’s four-legged friend Boodreaux will also make an appearance in the city.

“We have a road dog that travels with us everywhere we go,” Bingham said. “I think his energy is just really good to have around. Every morning he goes and wakes everybody up in their bunks, and it’s a lot nicer to wake up to a happy dog than to somebody wrestling you out of bed.”

Bingham is scheduled to perform at Newport Music Hall Monday. Doors open at 7 p.m.
In addition to winning a Grammy in 2011, the singer-songwriter also won both an Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award in 2010, with all three being for his song “The Weary Kind,” the theme from the 2009 film “Crazy Heart.” But Bingham said he likes to look back on the experience rather than the awards.

“I don’t know if it was really the awards or anything that was the special thing, it was just being a part of it in the first place,” Bingham said. “It was just a surreal time and it happened so fast. It was pretty amazing.”

Jordan Dellinger, a third-year in fine art, said these awards aren’t enough to make her want to see Bingham’s concert, but she would be willing to listen to his music based on them.

“It is impressive, but I don’t think that would necessarily make me want to go,” Dellinger said. “I don’t generally go to concerts, but I might want to check (his music) out.”

Though the slower, softer music from the film’s soundtrack is what he is most known for, Bingham said his solo records offer up a different musical feel.

“This record (‘Tomorrowland’) felt more like a punk rock record than anything else,” Bingham said. “That kind of energy was behind it. It’s driven mostly by electric guitars … It definitely has more of an attitude toward it, I think.”

“Tomorrowland” was released Sept. 18.

Because he wants to appeal to a wide variety of people, Bingham said he tends to “mix it up” during his concerts and owes his ability to do so to his genre of music.

“I think that’s the nice thing about Americana music, it’s supposed to be a mix of all kinds of different genres,” Bingham said. “I enjoy playing with the band and turning the electric guitars up and playing rock ‘n’ roll. I also enjoy playing acoustic guitar and stripping the songs down.”

Nick Jones, a second-year in geography, said this mix of genres makes Bingham someone he would go see. 

“If he plays a variety of music, I think I would like to see it either way,” Jones said. “It shows that they have the capability to do a lot as an artist.”

This is Bingham’s first time performing in Columbus, and he said he’ll be playing both old and new music so the audience members can find something they will enjoy.

“I got this new record (‘Tomorrowland’) out but I’m mixing up the set, playing older songs as well,” Bingham said. “We’re really just out here to play songs that folks want to hear … Everybody can enjoy the show and have a good time. Expect to hear a little bit of everything.”

Tickets for the concert are $20 in advance and $22 at the door. Newport Music Hall is located at 1722 N. High St.

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