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Letter to the editor: Sense of unknown in sports offers excitement

Cody Cousino / Multimedia editor

A letter to the editor

In regards to “Commentary: It’s only human nature to love March Madness” that ran in The Lantern Tuesday, I agree with the columnist that the obsession to follow the NCAA men’s basketball tournament has become a part of our human nature. It helps people relate to the “underdog mentality.” The hope that greatness can be achieved when hard work and dedication are put into life is emphasized through March Madness. Although betting on brackets and watching the games through the month of March guides people to an escape from any realities that they may be struggling with, I think that there are several other reasons that people of all ages are continuing to follow NCAA men’s basketball. The fun and competitive atmosphere that arises through March Madness makes people want to follow and keep tabs on their own brackets. College students enjoy following their universities throughout the tournament and want to cheer their team on for as far into March as they can. Often, people joke about their friends and relatives that know very little about the sport of basketball filling out brackets when it comes to the tournament in March. The sense of the unknown offers so much excitement for the sport and the opportunity for these people to be a part of the current events in sports lures them in.

Hallie Keselman
Second-year in sport industry

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