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Metal band to Howl in Columbus concert

Courtesy of Starwood Presents

Rhode Island metal band Howl hopes to tear up the stage and promote its new style for Columbus metal heads.

After performing at South by Southwest, a music, film and technology festival in Austin, Texas, the band loaded its bus back up to head out to its next tour destinations, including a stop in Columbus.
Howl is slated to perform Monday at Kobo Live, with the doors opening at 9 p.m.

Band members Tim St. Amour (drums), Vincent Hausman (vocals), guitarists Josh Durocher-Jones and Jonathan Hall, and Jesse Riley (bass) said they are looking forward to coming back to Columbus to perform their newest songs from upcoming album, “Bloodlines,” set to release April 30.

“Our label released the first single, ‘Attrition,’ and we are just playing a select number of songs off the album to give our fans a taste of the new material,” St. Amour said. “The new record has more of a classic metal influence, while the old album is death metal and doom metal.”

Howl’s first album, “Full of Hell,” was released in 2010 and labeled both the album and the band as a doom or sludge metal genre, Hausman said. The band’s members are hoping that with the new album, they can rid of the labels they have been given, grow and re-establish themselves as a metal band that can hit multiple genres with its sound.

“Our previous album, ‘Full Of Hell,’ was a doomy, fuzzy, reverb-soaked testament to the ugly winter during which we wrote the album and a great reflection of where the band was at the time,” Hausman said. “Ultimately we are a metal band, and for this album (‘Bloodlines’) we set out to write more direct and aggressive collections of songs, perhaps breaking away from where the critics placed us.”

St. Amour said those that attend Howl’s show can expect the standard head-banging, as well as fast-paced and high energy songs for the crowd to get fired up.
Christopher Wood, owner of booking and promotions company Starwood Presents, is a band promoter in Columbus that helped book Howl’s Columbus performance.

“I booked Howl at The Summit in Columbus a few years ago and they played a great live set and their music is a powerful blend of bone-crushing doom mixed with mighty metal riffs,” Wood said in an email.

St. Amour said the band’s music reflects upon its members’ personal beliefs.

“We are anti-religious,” he said. “We don’t go deeply into our lyrical content because we just want people to have a good time. A big inspiration for me is the need to not fit into what a normal way of living is and being able to express ourselves as a band.”

St. Amour said that each of the band’s members’ inner metal head and love for the music brought them together to create Howl. Their interests in different genres of metal have allowed them to mix everything together and create their own sound, he said. 

Kobo Live is located at 2590 N. High St. Tickets are available online at brownpapertickets.com for $8. Stormbrewer and Sleepers Awake are set to open the show.

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