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Commentary: ‘Buckwild’ star’s death, baseball openers, ‘Finding Dory’ make week in pop culture news

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This is part of a weekly series called “Pop Opinions” where The Lantern offers its take on the week’s pop culture news.

The start of April has brought almost nothing but breaking news to the world of pop culture, and that’s not an April Fool’s joke. Between Opening Day, the wake-up call for MTV and Disney’s greatest idea ever, who knows where April will take us next.

Opening Day

Opening Day is easily the best day ever in sports, right behind the start of March Madness. It’s almost like another holiday – guys are ordering their new MLB gear to sport on game days while girls are shamelessly enjoying the sight of baseball pants. 

Every year, I tell myself I am going to try to keep up with my Yankees, especially now that they have Jay-Z, whose management company recently signed second baseman Robinson Cano, but I can never seem to follow the hundred-and-something games they play each season. So I’ll probably do what I do every year and skip to the playoff games to start following baseball. Sue me.

I’m also having a lot of fun following Cleveland and Cincinnati fans on Twitter who think this is “their year” to win the World Series. Don’t worry, we’re laughing at you, not with you, because Mike Trout is bringing it home this year with those Angels.

“Finding Dory”

Besides my drooling over the backsides of baseball players, I couldn’t help but scream like a little girl over Disney and Pixar’s latest movie reveal: “Finding Dory,” the sequel to 2003’s “Finding Nemo.” Disney has this magical way of bringing out my inner child between “Toy Story 3,” the sequel to “Monsters, Inc.” and now the sequel to the best animated Disney film known to mankind. 

The sequel will show how Dory gets separated from her family (which is why she was alone when she meets Marlin in the first movie) and her journey to reunite with them. It’s scheduled to hit theaters Nov. 25, 2015. 

Thanks for making us all wait two years, Disney. Now it’ll be even creepier when I’m a 22-year-old dressed up in a Dory costume at the midnight showing

MTV Death

Besides all the happy feelings from baseball and animated fish, there needs to be a rant in here somewhere, which is where MTV comes in. As just about everyone knows by now, Shain Gandee from the MTV hit show “Buckwild” died on Monday due to carbon monoxide poisoning. 

The death of this man would have never been blown up into what it is without MTV practically humiliating Gandee and his fellow castmates on national television. MTV makes its revenue off teenagers with dysfunctional lives who turn to drugs, sex and alcohol to solve their problems. 

The sad part is that America promotes these teenagers by tuning in every week to see which “Teen Mom” is going to lose custody of her child or which character on “Buckwild” is going to jump off a three-story building while intoxicated. Viewers are fueling these reality show stars to perform stunts that are crazy enough for television and even crazier for their well-being. I hope MTV sees what it is doing and stops these television shows.If we all watched baseball and “Finding Nemo,” the world would be a much better place. Fish are friends, not food.

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