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Crime Brief: Fire erupts outside Sullivant Hall

A trailer erupted in flames outside of Sullivant Hall when an industrial strength vacuum cleaner overheated on June 6 at about 9:15 a.m. The trailer was owned by ServPro, a company contracted by Ohio State University to clean the ventilation duct work in Sullivant Hall. 

The large diesel-fueled vacuum motor had been running continuously for about two hours before it caught on fire. An employee of ServPro said no one was aware the vacuum was overheated until it was too late and estimated the damage to be around $50,000, according to a University Police report. No injuries or hazardous materials were reported.

There were four incidents of disorderly conduct on Ohio State’s campus this week from June 4 to June 11. In addition, seven thefts were reported.

In one occurrence, a female staff member at Newton Hall reported theft and misuse of credit cards the morning of June 10. She reported $22 in cash, $30 worth of personal papers and 14 credit cards stolen. Investigation into the event is still pending.

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