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Fashion: Dress for yourself on ‘Galentine’s Day’

Wear high heels with no fear of towering over your significant other when hanging out with friends on 'Galentine's Day.' Credit: Courtesy of MCT

Wear high heels with no fear of towering over your significant other when hanging out with friends on ‘Galentine’s Day.’
Credit: Courtesy of MCT

Whether you are attached at the hip to your significant other or are as single as a Pringle, this is the year for you to celebrate Galentine’s Day. That’s right — a day celebrating friendship with your favorite ladies where absolutely no boys are allowed. Whether you just want to go out to dinner or decide to make a day of it, you have complete and total freedom with your outfit that most romantic dates don’t allow. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas, keep reading for some Galentine’s inspiration.

Dress for yourself

We’ve all heard it: guys giving sass about the current trends that girls adore. When you aren’t getting dressed to impress another human, you have the ability to dress to your specific tastes — making you the most comfortable with what you’re wearing. So wear those high-waisted pants you’ve been dreaming about; throw on a peplum top over dark jeans; you can even go full-on trendy with high-waisted harem pants, a tribal bandeau and wedge sneakers (though this may be a better outfit for warmer weather).

Lip service

Those lip colors you lust after but never have the guts to wear on a date could be the main attraction of your Galentine’s Day ensemble. Whether you go with a classic red lip or bring out your inner vamp with a deep purple or black lipstick, any outfit can easily be molded around your choice. As usual, if you make the lips the centerpiece of your look, go easy on the rest of your makeup — too much can weigh down your face and age you immensely. Staying fresh-faced with a colorful pout is the key to success.

Sparkle and shine

Call upon your inner Ke$ha — a definite spirit animal of mine, and hopefully, one of yours — and throw all the glitter into your outfit. Use glitter spray on your hair for a constant sparkle that isn’t too messy, or rub on a lotion with flecks of sparkle to shine all night. Sequins are a necessity in your outfit — pairing a glittering top with plain black pants is a great way to incorporate them without going sparkle crazy. While the name of the makeup game above was “less is more,” I say going full-on glitter is absolutely fine if you’re feeling adventurous.

Tower (but don’t topple)

If you’re the type of girl who shies away from wearing heels when you’re with a date for fear of being taller than them, a Galentine’s outing is the perfect excuse to break those bad boys out. No matter the height, heels are the perfect finishing touch to any outfit and shouldn’t be forgotten just because you might end up taller than the person you’re with. Depending on your particular aesthetic, the options here are virtually endless — you can throw on some classy kitten heels or go the edgy route with spiked platforms. And if you’re not a fan of shoes that perpetuate crushed toes, don’t fret — flats are absolutely OK. It’s all about in what you feel most comfortable, so just make sure you’re able to walk without breaking an ankle.

Galentine’s Day should really just be about hanging with the ladies you love — the bold fashion choices you make can be the cherry on top.

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