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‘The Biggest Loser’s’ Jillian Michaels to share knowledge on healthy living

Jillian Micahels, trainer from ‘The Biggest Loser,’ is set to speak at the Palace Theatre Thursday.  Credit: Courtesy of Rolanda Copley

Jillian Michaels, trainer from ‘The Biggest Loser,’ is set to speak at the Palace Theatre Thursday.
Credit: Courtesy of Rolanda Copley

With the seemingly endless cold weather hovering in Columbus this winter, it’s easy to opt out of going to the gym and choose the couch instead.

Jillian Michaels, a trainer on reality series “The Biggest Loser,” is set to bring her motivational live tour, titled “Maximize Your Life,” to Columbus Thursday at 8 p.m. to encourage physical and emotional well-being. At the show, Michaels is set to promote goal-setting, to “unleash your full potential and discover your best self,” according to Jillian Michaels’ website.

“It really is for anybody that in one facet of their life or another feels stuck, unfulfilled or a lack of meaning and purpose,” Michaels said in an interview with The Lantern.

Michaels said the show is designed to help people build not just a better body, but a happier and healthier life.

“Whether you’re a kid just getting out of college going, ‘OK, you know, now what the hell am I supposed to do? I’ve been in school my entire life, and the job, the marketplace is crazy, now what am I supposed to do?’ Or you could be a 40-year-old having a mid-life crisis going, ‘I hate my job, I’m unhappy, I follow all of the rules, I follow all of steps and I’m completely unfulfilled, now what?’” she said.

The event is first about engaging the audience in a conversational dialogue, Michaels said.

“So, it’s a visual show of course, but at the same time. I put them through a series of exercises, not physical but more emotional and psychological where they have to evaluate what they’ve been doing and what’s been going on previously and currently in order to get to the bottom of why they behave in self-destructive ways,” Michaels said. “And then from there, we have the ability to essentially rebuild our behavior and our patterns so they are life-affirming and work for us instead of against us.”

Michaels said the way she does this is through a Q-and-A session, which will be built into the show.

When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle in college, Michaels said it is most important to find balance.

“It really is looking at your life and saying, ‘OK, I have all of these different aspects and components of my life that require attention,’ (which are) your physical health, your emotional health, your schoolwork, which is essentially your profession, the effort and energy you put into your relationships with your friends and your family and learning how to … divide your time up amongst these things,” she said.

Michaels said the balancing act isn’t always obvious or constant, based on the needs of a particular circumstance or situation, and it might fluctuate throughout the course of a person’s everyday life.

“But the reality is that now is the time to start figuring out that balance in your life so that you’ll have it when you get a little bit older and you start adding on more like being a mom, being a wife or husband, and so on,” Michaels said.

Rick Smith, a second-year in business, is in the process of earning his personal training license and said he would probably attend the tour.

“From the work I’ve seen of hers, I think it would be helpful for a lot of people,” Smith said.

Grace Herbener, a third-year in international studies, has done some of Michaels’ workouts in the past and has found them effective.

“I think she is really fit and I strive to be like her physically,” Herbener said. “I didn’t know about her tour … but I think I would enjoy it because I am interested in mind and body health.”

The Maximize Your Life tour is set to come to the Palace Theatre, located at 34 W. Broad St. Tickets start at $25 and can be purchased through Ticketmaster.

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