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Website ranks Ohio State men No. 2 most attractive

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Extra bicep curls and routine glances in the mirror might be paying off for the men of Ohio State.

University Primetime, a college lifestyle blog, recently named OSU as one of the top 50 schools with the most attractive men. Female Buckeyes, however, didn’t do so well in a similar ranking on the website.

Coming in at No. 2, male Buckeyes fell right behind the men of the University of Wisconsin.

Others to make the top 5 included Duke University at No. 3, Stanford University at No. 4 and University of Washington at No. 5.

OSU men are desirable in part because of their commitment to academics and fitness, said Jake Meronoff, a first-year in exercise science.

“(OSU) is a very selective place to get into, so females see that as attractive because we are the best of the best and also if you look around the gym, everyone is working out,” Meronoff said. “All the guys work out quite a bit and they find that as being another desirable quality.”

Meronoff said he watches his diet and works out six to seven times per week to keep up his appeal.

Others, like Ryan Walker, a first-year in accounting, said good looks come easy.

“I just work out a lot, but to be honest a lot of it is just natural,” Walker said.

Some students, like Chloe Knoell, a first-year in health profession exploration, said she likes how most OSU men are well-groomed.

“A lot of guys are actually really good at doing their hair here, which is something that is attractive,” Knoell said.

Others, like Amanda Brehm, a second-year in exploration, said she appreciates how polite OSU men are.

“I like when Ohio State boys hold the door open for you and you say, ‘Thank you’ and they say, ‘Of course’ — they’re very generous and chivalrous,” Brehm said.

Brehm said she was disappointed, however, that the women of OSU weren’t ranked in the blog’s list of 50 colleges with the most attractive women.

“We should definitely be above Michigan,” Brehm said.

Wolverine women were ranked No. 28. Coming in at No. 1 was the University of Arizona.

To step up their game, Brehm said women should join a fitness class.

“It would give them confidence and a booty,” she said. “It would give them confidence to go up to boys and have fun.”

Meronoff said he agreed, saying it seems as though more men work out at OSU than women.

“It would be nice to see a lot more (women) working out because I personally think — being an exercise science major — that females that are fit are the most attractive because they are willing to put the time in … and that’s an attractive quality, showing that they care about their body more than chilling in the dorm,” he said.

Knoell also said she agreed OSU women should have at least been ranked.

“There are a lot of really attractive girls here,” she said.

Based on his observation, though, Walker said OSU women should be on the list, too.

“I think they should have (been) ranked a lot higher,” he said. “We got some girls in our dorm that are pretty attractive — my girlfriend goes here and she’s a 10 out of 10, guaranteed.”


  1. No article from Logan this week? Has he defected to the Fake Lantern?

    Come on, I’m sure there are big issues out there for him to cover.

    “OMG, she wore THAT to class? Totes embarrassing”
    “Bro cites realizing that PINK spelled in black is ironic as life changing event”
    “That one time that girl said that thing”
    “Juicy” on yoga pants, an empirical study”
    “The Kardashians think the Oval is too round… gross”

  2. on what bases do u guys grade your census?

  3. really thought this had been removed. what a shame.

  4. This? This is why I laugh in the face of anyone who tells me that sexism isn’t a thing anymore. Go home, you troll. Or at least write an article that tells me something I actually want to know about my university that doesn’t generalize ENTIRE groups of human beings!

  5. Was this written by a 14 year old? Jesus

  6. these comments are what happens when you go against the “women are wonderful” effect (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E2%80%9CWomen_are_wonderful%E2%80%9D_effect). women can’t handle being told they aren’t perfect.

    it’s why when men look at arnold schwarzenegger, they strive to become like him, so they work out and eat better. but when women look at marilyn monroe, they strive to rewrite reality to make marilyn monroe more like them by saying she was fat or a size 16 (she was actually smaller than a size 2).

  7. A the other article in arts and entertainment about womens booties.
    It ought to link back to this one, just so the ladies can keep in mind what they ought to be working on.

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