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Storify: National Championship post-game reaction around Ohio State’s campus

After Ohio State beat Oregon, 42-20, Monday night to win the national title, many students took to campus to celebrate.


  1. Nothing to see here, even though they eliminated most of the cool campus watering holes,
    (Papa Joes, Mustards, South-Berg etc),High Street is still the traditional gathering place, fires provide heat as well as amusement. Students behaved, even with the riot squad and
    pepper spray. Congrats to the Buckeyes, on and off the field!!

  2. “fires provide heat as well as amusement”

    When an arsonist burns your house down remember that they’re just providing heat and amusement.

  3. The police officer using the pepper spray didn’t seem to be threatened by the crowd especially when observing his facial expression and his body language. They seemed to have High Street blocked to traffic anyway so why was it a big deal to let the kids be on the street. From the video shown the kids seemed to be having a fun time celebrating with their fellow students. I would think the police would rather have them all in one place rather then spread all over campus.

  4. I live in Charlotte NC. I’m a Buckeye. So very proud of our team. The accomplishments they have achieved this season makes me very proud to wear my Buckeye gear in SEC country. I was never more embarrassed or ashamed when last night I was told by an Alabama fan that the fires and vandalism took place after winning the Championship. Why!?? Why act like thugs when we won the game? Why destroy others property in celebration of the win? I don’t get it never will. Thank you to all of those students who took part to embarrass all Buckeye fans around the country. Idiots SMH

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