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Letter to the editor: BuckeyeThon 2015 dance marathon the highlight of time at Ohio State


Students reveal the total amount fundraised for BuckeyeThon during the closing ceremonies of the 2015 dance marathon on Feb. 7 at the Ohio Union. The organization surpassed its $1 million goal, receiving more than $1.23 million in donations toward fighting pediatric cancer. Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editor

Letter to the editor:

One team. One dream. $1.23 million FOR THE KIDS. I remember the meeting when our executive board informed us that we were going to raise $1 million for the kids at BuckeyeThon’s 2015 Dance Marathon. There were chills in the room that evening because we were determined to register 5,000 dancers and raise that money. And as a graduating senior, BuckeyeThon’s 2015 Dance Marathon was the pinnacle of my college career.

I never doubted the Ohio State University for a moment and truly believed that we would raise the $1 million, but what I did not expect was that we would raise $1.23 million. You could feel the anticipation and excitement as each number was revealed Saturday night, and all of the sudden, $1,231,290.11 FTK was displayed before us. Cheers, screams, laughter, hugs and tears immediately filled the Great Hall. I had never been more proud to be a Buckeye and a student at this amazing university.

It’s an honor to join what is known as the “extra comma club” in the dance marathon world. But looking at the number we raised is so much more than an extra comma — $1.23 million is 1.23 million miracles for the kids treated at Nationwide Children’s Hospital. We dance for the kids, and I feel honored that I had the opportunity to dance and raise funds to make more miracles for those kids who fight every day, because they deserve an amazing childhood.

As my time is coming to a close as an undergraduate Buckeye, I have made incredible memories, but BuckeyeThon’s 2015 Dance Marathon will always be the highlight of my college career. I cannot wait to see what our university accomplishes next year.

Brooke Cavallo
Fourth-year in strategic communication
BuckeyeThon fashion show coordinator

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