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Buckeye News Now: Abortion rally on Oval sparks debate

What was meant to be a call to action on the Oval turned into a major debate. An exhibit featuring an actual abortion procedure on a jumbotron and large posters of stillborn babies was on full display on the Oval on Tuesday.The group behind the displays is Create Equal and they say they brought it to campus to bring awareness to the pro-life debate. Meanwhile, students on the other side of the issue protested nearby and expressed their views. Student Life officials were on scene offering counseling services. Campus police were stationed nearby as well.

Lantern TV Reporter Yann Schreiber traveled from Mexico City to Columbus to bring you a story on 43 missing college students from Mexico in this week’s episode of Buckeye News Now. Last fall, these students went missing from a college in Ayotzinapa. In January, some of their bodies were discovered in a mass grave. A group of Latin-American interest organizations brought the late students’ parents to Ohio State in their journey to raise awareness and ask for justice.

In other news, Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer has been given a contract extension and salary increase. Meyer will receive an average of six and a half million dollars per year and the extension will keep the three-time national champion coach in Columbus until the year 2020. With the Spring Game happening this weekend, Lantern TV meteorologist John Banghoff also has your weekend weather forecast.

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