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Opinion: One Direction and ‘dad bods’ offer insight into relationships

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1Dating Advice

One Direction fans — excuse me, I mean “Directioners” — are still mourning the loss of brooding beauty Zayn Malik. But the band isn’t helping things. Drama is still floating around and tabloids are all about it. What they aren’t covering though, is how all this 1Drama offers great relationship advice. Here’s just a few tidbits:

  • When taking photos, always have the flakiest person stand on the end. Whether it’s group shots of your family and your beau or a group shot of your boy band in Ohio State jerseys, a good rule of thumb is to always have the angsty, brooding one on the side so they can be easily cropped out later. He can hurt your career, but don’t you dare let him hurt your photo op.
  • When parting ways with said brooding beau, block him on all social media. Unfollowing is not enough. I know you know you’ll cheat and still look through all his 140-character bursts of angst. Block him so you can’t make “b—– comments” back and forth.
  • Brooding is not beautiful.

‘Dad Bods’ more than physical

As temperatures rise, tabloids boast the best and worst beach bods. But the internet is boasting something else. An article on The Odyssey, a publication produced by Greek life students in various universities, by a Clemson University student said, “Girls are all about that dad bod.” And the internet erupted.

A dad bod is described as a soft body with a little bit of a stomach pooch, proof that the man likes a good beer and pizza … or two.

Bros were mad about this sentiment because, “Why am I at the gym getting gains then?” Some women were mad because, “What about mom bods?”

Everyone just needed to chill.

The purpose of loving a dad bod is that you love someone who is comfortable in their skin. If a smart, sweet man is comfortable having a daily workout routine, complete with kale protein shakes, then good. That’s a man I would be interested in. If the same smart, sweet man is comfortable having a daily donut routine, complete with binges of “Daredevil” on Netflix, then good. That’s also a man I would be interested in.

The internet will always churn out new ideas of what the ideal partner is. But self-confidence and satisfaction is always sexy.

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