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Undisputed style for Buckeye gamedays

Austin Manna during an Ohio State football game. Credit: Courtesy of Sean Robbins

Austin Manna during an Ohio State football game. Credit: Courtesy of Sean Robbins

What a couple of great weeks of school we have had regarding style. Ohio State students really do have the best style — and the best football team — in the nation.  

Our favorite time of the year is back. On Saturday, home football games will commence.  

What to wear to the game is something we all think about. Gameday style can be anything. It can be comfortable and simple. It can be high class and dressed up. Like all fashion, gameday fashion is whatever you want it be.  

“I like to keep it simple and wear my old 2007 James Laurinaitis number 33 jersey,” Austin Manna, a fourth-year in finance, said.  

Manna also has his gameday hat that he got at Barnes and Noble. They have great stuff; it is a little expensive because it is licensed apparel, but it is worth splurging once or twice for football games.  

“I wore it (the hat) every game when OSU went 12-0, so I feel like it’s pretty lucky,” Manna said.

Manna had some closing advice for all fans as they gear up for the game.

“Gameday fashion should be simple because you should be focusing on cheering for the Buckeyes, not what you are wearing,” he said.

I also spoke with Jake Mulkey, a third-year in globalization studies.

“I wear an OSU T-shirt, jeans and lightweight Sperrys,” Mulkey said about his gameday picks.

Credit: Harry Xu / Lantern reporter

Credit: Harry Xu / Lantern reporter

Mulkey has a more alternative style and relaxed look. He does not want to be too dressed up and is always adaptable.

“On day games, because of the weather, I will change to shorts,” he said.  

I then spoke with a glamorous OSU alumna, Jenn Cramer, who graduated this past summer and now is a stylist at Michael Kors.

“I go for gameday casual — an OSU tee, high waisted shorts, converse shoes and a crossbody (purse),” Cramer said.    

She also dresses “sporty chic,” which means just throwing on sneakers with a crop top and ripped jeans.  

Her favorite stores that carry her gameday fashion choices include local shops like Homage and Simply Vague.  

Cramer’s last bit of advice was to “stay true to your style while supporting your school.”  

What you wear to the game should be whatever you want it to be. I feel it is important to have your own look at football games. I agree with what the people have told me.  Be yourself, be comfortable, be simple and go for glamorous. And, as always, go Bucks!

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