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Serena’s Style: High bro’ fashion

Credit: Serena Xu / For The Lantern

Credit: Serena Xu / For The Lantern

Three weeks of school has flown by, and the style is getting more and more fabulous.

We talked about what girls think back-to-school fashion is and even talked about different fashion styles.  Last week we discussed gameday fashion, but we cannot forget men’s fashion.  

Menswear is so key in the world of fashion because why should women have all the fun?

“I go for comfort, easy to wear and I will dress for the time of the season,” said Henry Dolin, a fourth-year in globalization studies. He added that he likes to dress on the warmer side, even if it is hot outside.

Dolin has a lot of favorite outfits, and he said his favorite fashion season is fall.  His everyday wear for fall is sweaters, jackets, button ups, chinos and a thick cardigan.  

“I like Chuck Taylors, wearing ties, Adidas shoes and stuff that is not too terribly outlandish,” Dolin said.  He said he likes to buy clothing items that have multiple uses, and he prefers things that are navy. He goes to Banana Republic and Gap for their great selections of khakis and jeans.

Carter Zimmermann, a fourth-year in political science, said he’s tried to get his back-to-school wardrobe to be more vibrant.

“I had to change style from black and blue to colors that are more noticeable,” Zimmerman said.  

Zimmerman said he likes his outfits to be out there and a little unconventional because he does not care what people think.

“My go-to outfit is a T-shirt with a button up with a pair of colored jeans or shorts and colored Converse shoes,” Zimmerman said.

He likes going to Target, Old Navy and Kohl’s because of their lower prices.

“Clothes are an expression of ourselves, our wardrobe allows us to be free and express ourselves,” Zimmerman said.


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