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Serena’s Style: Upgrading wardrobe from everyday to runway

Hey all you fabulous Buckeyes, Serena is back to give you tips on how to upgrade and diversify your wardrobe. Yes, picking out everyday outfits is fun, but why not make it different or even glamorous or over the top? As undisputed style queens and kings, you have to glamourize once in a while.

I had the pleasure of talking with Rebecca Goffe, a fifth-year in environment, economy, development and sustainability.

“When making your wardrobe different, wear stuff that is unique and clothes that friends have made for you, even wear accessories that artists have made for you,” Goffe said.

Goffe said she purposely avoids the mall, preferring to nab her style from local thrift stores.

“Go to the thrift store, because they really have nice clothes, also go to Volunteers of America because their shirts are really cheap and in style,” Goffe said.  

She left me with great advice on how and why to diverse your wardrobe.

“Keep an open mind and wear a crazy outfit because you will get a lot of compliments,” Goffe said.

I also had the pleasure of speaking to Laura Shapiro, a fourth-year in Chinese, who told me to go big with designer labels when upgrading your style.

When asked about what specific things she does, Shapiro said she wears bold accessories, such as hats, statement necklaces or rings. She said her favorite day is when she gets up early enough to actually pick out her outfit, do her nails and make herself look cute.

Shapiro’s favorite store to hit up for a wardrobe upgrade is Francesca’s. But she really likes Pitaya because their clothes “fearlessly” make statements. Pitaya also makes formal clothes more casual so they can be worn for multiple occasions.  

“I like Urban Outfitters because it is good quality and a decent price,” Shapiro said.

But you can splurge once in a while by going to Coach and Kate Spade, really making your outfit glamorous by wearing name brands.  

Shapiro had a great take on giving advice for upgrading an outfit from everyday to runway.

“It’s hard for college kids — yes that includes getting up early — but make sure you feel good in what you are wearing,” she said.

All it takes though, fashionistas, is the little things. An extra five minutes on your hair, a fresh coat of nail polish and yes, maybe a splurge on a little something designer. But your glamorous, true-to-you self is worth it.

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