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Nike contract covers more than athletics

Graphic: Denny Check / Managing Editor for Graphic Design

Graphic: Denny Check / Managing Editor for Graphic Design

Ohio State and Nike Inc. reached a massive contract agreement last week that will extend the current partnership until 2033.

However, the 15-year contract extension, which the university believes to be the biggest ever for a college contract, will not just benefit athletic programs. The deal surpasses the University of Texas’ $250 million contract, a contract also held by Nike.

More than 16 percent of the total OSU-Nike contract value of $252 million will be committed toward non-athletic endeavors at OSU.

University President Michael Drake said in a release the new contract will open new doors for OSU students, as well as student-athletes.

“The comprehensive nature of this partnership is a win for all Ohio State students,” he said. “The expanded commitment by Nike will support access, affordability and excellence for Buckeye students and student-athletes across our campus.”

Of the more than $41 million dedicated off-field and off-court, $15 million in cash, as well as another $8.5 million in products, will be committed to support student-focused initiatives.

Nike also agreed to 90 internship opportunities over the course of the 15-year contract life, allowing four internships annually to non-athlete students, as well as two internships annually to student-athletes.

Also with the agreement, $2.5 million in scholarships are expected to be made available through a financial aid endowment.

Another $15 million is set aside for marketing community events at the university.

“We approached this as a university contract, not one that’s purely focused on athletics,” said Gene Smith, university vice president and athletics director. “Under this partnership, every student — whether they play club sports, Division I sports or no sports at all — will be eligible to benefit.”

OSU’s previous contract with Nike was set to expire in 2018, and was worth $46 million.

Joaquin Hidalgo, president and general manager of Nike North America, said in a release his company is “delighted to extend that partnership” into the 2033 academic year.

“Nike and Ohio State share similar values of innovation and a commitment to excellence, and we look forward to an exciting future both on and off the field for years to come,” he said.


  1. What in the hell is “commuity event marketing?” Some kind of fund to brainwash our neighborhood nto thinking tht OSU takeover is acceptable? Only$ 2.5M for scholarships and aide? That’ a drop in to the bucket. Too bad they won’t use the money to shut down Campus Partners and leave people alone. Just more corpo crap from Big Education.

  2. Shouldn’t the numbers be exchanged? $2.5 million for “community event marketing” (whatever that means) and $15 million in scholarships? Seriously. This is all a win-win for the pockets of the administration, like so many other contracts this university agrees to. And of course, the pion staff will not see any increase in salary due to this contract. Nothing is EVER done to benefit the staff and their salaries. Only students and faculty.

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